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  1. I tried Wisycom once and their included manuals are indeed lackluster. Unfortunate despite the nice sound quality I got. When in doubt, dual-battery is better since it necessitates less battery changes.
  2. All I know is to avoid Android Wear, as the lack of updates to the platform makes it seem Google will phase it out sooner or later. Meanwhile you can take a look at the Fitbit Versa and the Garmin smartwatches. If they were still in business, Pebble (bought by Fitbit) had a great line of smartwatches. Mine is still trucking along after two years and it’s nice to use.
  3. :( Good luck to ya. Are wired lavs standard for sit-downs? As much as I would like that, I’ve still been asked to run wireless for interviews.
  4. I suggest applying for an Employer Identification Number. From my understanding, it can substitute for a Social Security Number when doing business even as a sole proprietorship.
  5. Here’s the feed URL to subscribe to the show, via a podcast app: https://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:462459738/sounds.rss
  6. The website works great on my phone, it’s one of the better mobile-friendly websites. I tried Tapatalk once and it lasted barely a day before I quit it. Also the amount of data it collects is ridiculous, this bit being the most egregious:
  7. I think you have the only good solution, since more convenient options end up compromising security. You could use something like Firefox Send or Lufi, which lets you limit how much and how long files can be downloaded. But that won’t stop people from just emailing around files insecurely. (This happened to me.) A similar thing can happen if you use conventional services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Ultimately having the files themselves be password-protected is the best solution I can imagine. Plus it’s not a terribly uncommon practice in the business world. I’ve received tax documents as password-protected PDFs. I suppose you can use a dead-simple password scheme, like the recipient’s phone number.
  8. Noticed this on Neutrik’s website. Posting here as an FYI to digital audio users here.
  9. Looks like On-Stage Stands makes a very similar folding cart, the UTC2200. Comparable specs to the Rock-n-Roller R6RT and priced the same, though better-reviewed (at least on Sweetwater and Amazon).
  10. Daniel Ignacio


    From Gotham Sound:
  11. From Gotham Sound:
  12. Hope it trickles to all their recorders then. Used Maxx purchase, here I come.
  13. I was hoping that they would step up their user interface design… I once considered saving up for the Maxx, but Zaxcom’s cluttered UI annoys me. It honestly doesn’t make much impact compared to, say, preamp quality. And I’m probably alone in my opinion. Though from paging through the Maxx manual, I can’t help but spot the flaws. An unnecessarily large battery indicator, using large words instead of ⏹ ▶️ ⏺ symbols for some reason, matrix icons that barely have contrast between toggle states, AutoTrim indicators that almost blend in with the black meter background, the addition of visual clutter when unarmed tracks are crossed out with yellow lines… I can’t imagine using a Maxx or the Nova without it confusing or annoying me occasionally. No offense meant to Zaxcom users who find the design works well or just fine, seriously, and not everything has to be pretty. But to my eyes, it pales compared to similarly-/lower-priced recorders from Sound Devices and Zoom (dare I say, even the F4 to some extent) that have more efficient and better-thought graphical user interfaces. For something I’ll use 12 hours per work day, I’m more inclined to invest in those recorders. Sorry for a rant, but hopefully it’s constructive.
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