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  1. Thanks for the interesting video, @mono. I really ought to pay an audiologist a visit. Best part, to me:
  2. It was the Great JWSOUND Rapture. We were left behind, I’m afraid…
  3. I lost my Etymotics ER-20XS pair recently and replaced them with Westone TRU Universal WM25 earplugs. They sound just as flat, I like the 25 dB attenuation more, and the eartips feel much more comfortable. I miss the Etymotics simplicity though – I almost lost one of the removable filters once.
  4. The lack of resolution bothers me more. I’m fine with not having color, but it renders text and icons no better than my graphic calculator from high school. Wish I could say it’s charming.
  5. While researching IFBs, I came across a product from Listen Technologies – Listen Everywhere, a wireless audio streaming system catered to venues, where users can listen (to e.g. a TV at a sports bar, speech/music in houses of worship) via Wi-Fi and an app on their phone. This video explains it well: When viewed the same way as the Teradek Serv,¹ a wireless video transmitter that beams camera feeds to smartphones and tablets, Listen Everywhere got me thinking. For cart-based mixers with a shelf to spare for a compact server and a router, Wi-Fi audio streaming could theoretically be applied in a film production setting. A cautious sound mixer may still keep a conventional IFB system for directors and scripties who require more reliability. But for those big commercial productions who would otherwise rent dozens of IFB receivers for producers, ad agents, and guests, a Wi-Fi stream to their phones is potentially advantageous. No more receivers for people to damage or lose, less equipment for sound mixers to maintain daily, and potentially less cost for the production. Plus it makes for an attractive rental package for sound mixers to offer producers, who want the luxury of anyone on-set being able to hear the scene. I’m being very idealistic and haven’t put more than a few late-night hours of thought into this. But what does everyone think about the practicality and feasibility of using a Wi-Fi audio system on-set to replace conventional IFB? 1. Sidebar: Has anyone sent audio to clients via the Teradek Serv? It apparently also transmits audio, so combined with a wireless hop feeding audio into the camera…
  6. Zoom North America, “Firmware Update: V3.0 for F4”:
  7. How’s MusicPro these days? Strongly considering it since their initial quote for me is a $150 USD premium to cover $10,000 of equipment. (Paging people who mentioned having MusicPro: @MattinSTL, @Dave Rainey, @Michael Wynne, @BudRaymond, @Mattg.)
  8. Here’s a good guide to personal online security. I use Bitwarden ($10 USD a year) to store and sync passwords between my laptop and phone.¹ Combined with the HTTPS Everywhere browser extension, and using two-factor authentication whenever possible, I haven’t had a security crisis in a long while. 1. I migrated last month from the leading password manager LastPass and I think Bitwarden is miles better.
  9. My mistake – double-checked the ear pads we have at work, and they aren’t velour. Sorry about that.
  10. My annual donation just went through – thanks for maintaining JWSOUND Jeff, I would be nowhere (production sound-wise) without this forum.
  11. Large image uploads are also failing for me right now. Just tried.
  12. One of the odd limitations of this site is that file uploads are capped at ~3.5 MB, might be that. 😕
  13. I too always wonder about my baby… Welcome to the forum! Curious what your phone situation is in your bag there, don’t think I’ve seen one mounted like that. Can barely make it out – bent metal plate, magnetic phone case, and a Betso TCX-2 underneath?
  14. Negotiate for a price match! At least in my experience, the kind folks at my production sound dealer (Second City Sound) have done so without much hesitation.
  15. Reporting back about the Storacell battery holders: My batteries are still intact after six months. It’s true that at first, the “teeth” that hold the batteries from falling out made little creases on battery casings. But I found that I could soften their grip by storing batteries part-way out of the holder for a few months. Pretty happy with them and recently bought a few more from Storacell. The local IKEA store finally stocks LADDA batteries.
  16. @glenn: Is the battery removable or integrated? And what kind of battery does it use? The info I’ve seen so far has been unspecific.
  17. Hot off Zaxcom’s Twitter account, a wireless transmitter/recorder for sports applications. Features include mono/stereo transmission (with two Microdot mic inputs), timecode-enabled recording, NeverClip, and ZaxNet. It weighs 3 oz/85 g, transmits with power up to 75 mW, and available info at this time points to a removable, non-standard, lithium-ion battery. The body of the transmitter can bend, definitely making it a competitor to the Q5x PlayerMic. Prices are around $2500 USD as of writing. Resources Product web page Audio Department listing Gotham Sound listing
  18. From the Black Friday thread, I got two conflicting reports about the state of Betso’s customer support. Texas-based @noelmdfw says: Conversely, London-based @gareth john says: I’m a little concerned now that I own TCX-2’s. Betso not having a service center/partner near me wasn’t a concern until now. Do any other Betso owners (and perhaps distributors who wish to share) have any complaints regarding the company’s support?
  19. I’m officially in the Betso ecosystem with two TCX-2+ boxes thanks to that deal. No longer have to deal with my F4’s less reliable timecode, looking forward to buying their slate down the road.
  20. I’d have to guess today, Cyber Monday. Try calling them directly: +1 (407) 296-9959
  21. Offers from Amazon’s Pelican sale, Avid, and Pinknoise end today. Offers from Bubblebee Industries, Gotham Sound, Second City Sound, and Sound Devices end tomorrow (November 26, 2018). Very tempted by that Pelican sale.
  22. The most interesting deals thus far, personally speaking: Multiple dealers Orca Bags products Rycote Cyclone windshields Timecode Systems bundles Gotham Sound Deity Microphones/K-Tek/Sennheiser G4/Sound Devices MixPre-3 bundle: $1549.00 USD Location Sound Corp. K-Tek K-87CCR Klassic Traveler boom pole + Moskito Sound boom pole bag: $399.95 USD Second City Sound Halter Technical Scene Monitor: $8.50 USD Sennheiser MKH 416 (B stock): $799.00 USD TAI Audio Betso TCX-2+ sync box: $349.00 USD Sanken RM-11-BK mount (×5): $39.95 USD
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