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  1. I use my mcr42/mtp40s sets all the time and find them pretty decent and reliable for dialog, although there have been more and more horror stories emerging of tx's failing and taking forever to get fixed. So people are starting to move to only using the receivers and combining with Sennheiser TX's because of the service aspect. I do have issues with the companding algorithms. I've been a long time Lectro user and have a habit of using my lectro's with DPA 4060's behind car visors when in a tight spot, and while this works flawlessly with my lectro's, I just can not use my wisy's for that purpose in any companding mode provided. None of them are able to deal in a natural way with the changing noise conditions of a driving car while capturing dialog. Neither ENR or ENC. There is always some weirdness going on with the background noise sounding completely unnatural as opposed to my lectro sets. It's all good having settings that are optimized for something specific, but I'd very much like a mode in there with a flat linear response. If it wasn't for the spectrum range I need because of working in different territories, I'd still be on lectro's all the way, regretfully I'm having to slowly start selling them off as spectrum is forever getting squeezed. The times, they are changin' ...
  2. TJW, quick question ... I'm about to buy one of these things and was wondering whether or not the aes on my wisycoms would work on these, you seem to have hands on expereince with this ... is it just a question of selecting it in the mcr-42 menu and then the first ta3 of that receiver will output AES ? in case of my lectro srb I have the new aes back plate, but I guess I'll be limited to using the sr-uni and staying analog. or will the sr-super backing plate give me that functionality as well ? Thanks in advance ...
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