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  1. Yes we often tread a fine line especially when an actor/actress disapears off set without notice. I have on only a few occasions when checking radios hear a tinkling in the toilet and I make a point now of advising those with radios on that I will remove them if needed for their privacy and the safety of the equipment. mike
  2. I have a wonderful book "A Matter of Records" on the life of Fred Gaisberg a master of location recording. But unlike the stunning equipment that we use he recorded acoustically onto waxed zinc discs. Apart from classical recordings there was a great love of novelties recorded in foreign countries. He traveled to America Russia India and Europe by train and boat with very heavy equipment including the metal discs, acid and baths to etch his results in. The whole story is quite amazing and he lived to see electric recording and modern techniques and he died in 1952 in his late seventies! mike
  3. Hi Rick Yep those early Sony mikes were amazing! Large but so uniform in specs I used to use two ECM50's to demo phase issues With one out of phase and with matched gains there was no sound at all!!! Amazing mike
  4. Or even listen to the tracks and look at pictures! Gee it's not rocket science whilst sitting in an aircon room with a coffee machine nearby!! mike
  5. BNC in fine! Who needs timecode out and what for??? Fan issues oh well put it on the sound log!!! mike
  6. Always loved my Orca bags for 664 an 663 Solid, roomy, bit fiddly getting cards out but that is not really and issue Love the alum frame approach mike
  7. Mike Westgate

    Boom Op Kits

    Yeah but some own booms some do not Maybe some don't need all the clutter and bring or ask what they need Eh? mike
  8. Also from experience it depends in the quality of the venues sound system qualities / issues A very skilled friend of mine tuned the DCP to the venue for the best launch of a low cost feature!! Wow a film shot on two hand held 5D's premiered on a huge screen - amazing!!!!!!!! mike
  9. Yep definitely use dynamic mikes for engine and exhaust sounds You can always wind the bass level up in post! I used this approach for "The Worlds Fastest Indian" Pic show my $15K hard disk recorder about to go on a 100mph ride !!!! mike
  10. I think there were 3 used on "Mr Lawrence" that I recorded in 1992 Australian gaffer Warren Mearns, very exxperienced and laid back. It was the biggest lighting rig to leave Australia complete with DC generator The director Nagisa Oshima tried to explain to Warren how he wanted a night exterior of a house lit ! Warren answered "Do you really want it like that or done my way?" Oshima San conceded "Your way!" A very interesting experience all round! mike Mike&Oshima.bmp Mike&Oshima.bmp
  11. Here we go: Working on a difficult US tele-movie a 9 week shoot The first time director was always lost for words after a take and offered no comment to the actors and just stared at them in a dazed state. A very funny Australian lead actor nicknamed him Easter Island as he looked like one of the expressionless heads on that lonely land We loved it!!! Mike
  12. Just check that there is a playback op and that he/she will provide a feed Best if the playback is music only if you are recording the singing Yes earwigs are the way to go and you will need adequate time for fitting lavs and earwigs All like Phil said I could tell a war story about this but next time!! mike
  13. Yes John, The horse wrangler's permission is paramount and the know if a horse is used to carefully introduced booms or is skittish! Keep well away from their rear legs Also horses learn the word "action" so tell the 1stAD to use a different word mike
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