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  1. Hi Philip, In the lack of any information I would simply do a test at -20dB of tone fro 1K to 15K in order to see if the tape you have gives a realistically flat response. If you get into re-biasing you would also need to adjust record amp for H2 and H3 distortion I used to align my two 4.2 recorders and got it down to a fine and satisfying art Good luck mike
  2. Great stuff Jez! I have been involved with SOUTH SEAS New Zealand's best "film" and video school for over 20 years 1/ Don't allow people to bore and confuse you with technical stuff 2/ Listen to experience 3/ Ask questions 4/ Hands on and earphones on are critical 5/ Examine your results and seek advice 6/ Volunteer to work with industry professional 7/ See how they manage and solve problems 8/ Experience, experience, experience ! mike
  3. I carry wig clips in a range of colours Middle of the forehead gives the flattest frequency result mike
  4. Try shooting on a tropical island covered in palm trees for 7 weeks! Everything is covered in noise night and day . Mike
  5. Although auto mixing is here, good sound needs skill, experience and management and prevents time spent in post production! mike
  6. I have worked with NZ and America actors (usually young) who are so quiet because they think that is "dramatic" OK it can work in a closeup or dramatic scene but when they do not match the other actors or they cannot be heard then thy need constant advice from the director! I one said to a young actor I knew that there was nothing to record - too quiet! "do it know or do it later" mike
  7. Hi I would use a stereo mike on a stand above head height and about 5 feet away Group the singers so they are about 10 to 12 feet in a row with taller singers behind Remember singing can have a wide dynamic range so rehearse if possible mike
  8. Room tone or background noise can be useful in sound post. Less so if music is being floated over the scene or interview. Use the microphone you used When in doubt just do it straight away! mike
  9. Neither towards you, but the struggle to get results on location can often overwhelm the appetite for tidyness and order - sorry! mike
  10. All true guys, make it logical and simple But I've worked with so many clapper loaders who are dyslectic!!! mike
  11. For commercial work I place my Comtek transmitter on the video split unit so it automatically fed either live for takes or playback as needed. Work well except when the operator fuddles and it's an immediately a "sound" problem! mike
  12. Yes, I found the scissors quite creepy! Attached a pic of my EMI block that I bought in the 60's when my nickname was CHAS It has seen many hundred of editing hours! mike
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