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  1. For many years I've understood that post do not prefer mid side over XY Despite the BBC liking it for some work I heard it likened to telling a DP to shoot only on a 50mm lens! mike
  2. Would you need a boom sharpener then ? mike
  3. Yep I had this years ago on a music clip for a major, famous female singer. Was given a DAT tape with music on one track and time-code in the other track !!!??? Playback on a beach and moving!!!! No thanks mike
  4. Used a Portabrace for my 664 but it fell apart in Italy Totally converted to Orca for my 644 and 633 mike
  5. Are they detonators ????? mike
  6. Can you try it beforehand and have a listen?????? mike
  7. Totally agree John had the same issues in the dark my team trying to hunt for them on wrap. Even on commercial shoots where there are 10 units out (originally delivered in a Pelican) people still leave them on the floor and anywhere. Also I love it when they take them out of the numbered pouch and leave the pouch and the unit separately anywhere. I did once point out to the users that they each cost as much as a cellphone "oh wow" was the reply. mike
  8. Or the full menu of the camera system being used! mike
  9. Yes I guess that the need to pad down the t/code applies. Also in the old DAT days of record run sent by radio to t/code slate I inserted a low pass filter in the transmitter to round off the square edges of the code mike
  10. A Cub has to be placed on a surface (not hung in the air) Great on roof, dashboard or window glass I recorded a whole day of 5 people in a static van using jut two Cubs mike
  11. Static car a CUB-01 is amazing Moving vehicle - a lav is the way to go mike
  12. In New Guinea people live in long houses with a fire burning on the ground floor. The smoke keeps the mosquitoes away so if the emphysema does not kill you then the mosquitoes will! mike
  13. Exactly Mark! Noisy locations are the production's choice and tell the actors/presenter to speak up!! mike
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