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  1. Mike Westgate

    HHB Dat

    Well done but the probel is getting the SD (and a case) returned unless it's included on the invoice Cheers Jeff, hope you are well mike
  2. Mike Westgate

    HHB Dat

    Going slightly off topic I remember when production were concerned about a DAT tape in a box being very small and easily lost!!?? Now I hand in an SD card in a box without any comments! mike
  3. Sony PCM-M10 I chose it because of a comment about it having low noise electrets and mike amps Also it's inexpensive Have a low cost furry to go over the mike end for the occasion atmos I used to carry in my car in case an atmos or crowd noise was worth recording mike
  4. I used a Sonotrim mike under clothing Once in the air the presenter used a selfie stick and a GoPro to do pieces of the commercial to camera. He then stopped talking to enjoy the "flight" and I got a wonderful altitude track. I eventually un-rigged him in the car park below mike Me jump!!! Xugger that! Radio mike range was pretty good as the guy was in clear air But the pieces to camera , out of radio range were captured on the recorder Now days I would use a Sony Recorder to flash drive. Small inexpensive and 24K 64 bit This unit has been round the world on low cost commercials without budget for me. I have wired a Sonotrim to plug into it and it is spotless! mike
  5. Ask post then you cannot be the person who got it wrong! mike
  6. You've said it all Jay! mike
  7. Try a Sanken CS-2 if you can find one. (Trew Audio Used $800) Good directivity Bright sounding High output Have a listen to one in working conditions not 3 inches from your mouth! mike
  8. Hi and welcome! It's Mike Westgate at Mike Westgate Sound Ltd in New Zealand mike
  9. Mike Westgate

    HHB Dat

    I think the UK agents came up with a headphone amp modification as they were not interested in the one that I developed and sold all over the world! It was approved by Fostex in the USA. Mike
  10. Can you use a scanner to look at the area your Lectro's are set too. Often limited range is caused by nearby TV stations. I use an RF Explorer to help me with issues like this. Cheers mike
  11. Cheaper to get it checked than bin it!!?? mike
  12. Testing any microphone by talking on it a few inches away and they will usually sound identical. The true test of a boom mike is whilst in use on a pole! mike
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