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  1. Hi Dela! About 1 year ago I bought a Stellavox SP7C recorder in Italy, This is a modification of the stereo. But the block of heads is mono. It is good that the heads are not red, they are more modern - silvery. The condition is very good, from below all the boards were in place and it looked good and clean. The seller said that it does not turn on ... I agreed and bought a recorder for ridiculous money! As a result, I have a stereo recorder in good condition that won't turn on. I haven't figured it out yet. Perhaps I can give it to the master for testing according to the scheme. But without changing the board modules, it will not be possible to understand the malfunction. It has a steel drive belt. Is it better to replace a steel belt with a rubber drive belt? I'm not sure if it will ever work, but its ridiculous price ... The SP8 model, even the mono version, is certainly better than the older SP7!
  2. I watched the prices of 1970. The price of the SNS/SNN is not very high. This is several times less than IV-S and 4.2!
  3. I flipped through an album dedicated to the history of the festival in Cannes. I noticed an interesting photo. The reporter still works on the Nagra II in 1959!
  4. Did Philips make a cassette in 1963? This tape is 1/8 inch. I suggested that S. Kudelski decided to make a recorder SN on this format after the appearance of the 1/8 tape. This is SNST-R.
  5. Hello! For the first time I sow Nagra 4.2 when I was 19 years old. It was in Kshesinsky Palace. Matilda Kshesinskaya was the mistress of the last Russian monarch. It was during shooting film of A. Uchitel Maniya Zhizeli. He had just shoot the film Matilda. In the twilight of Imperial Russia, prima ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya becomes the mistress of three Grand Dukes. But in 1994 it was another history about another ballet-dancer. The sound was recorded on DAT. Nagra was used only for play phonogram for synchronous scenes of violinist. I myself worked this recorder! It seemed to own this recorder - it was a fantastic! Now I have Nagra 4.2 and Nagra IV-SJ, but…I would like to have SNN!
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