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    I mix sound for film and television as well as music productions of all sorts.
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  1. yes, sync box on camera. Have sent pictures to everyone showing my slates, sync box and recorders all in sync, start of day and six hours into day. Still, they want to point to sound. I’ve asked for a Sony tech to be brought in.
  2. Hi All, Mixing a feature right now that has Post reporting an inconsistent 1 to 6 frame sync issue between picture and sound files. Does anyone here know the exact menu settings that need to be addressed regarding timecode on this latest firmware update? I have never had sync issues before this, and the last project was on a Venice, the only difference being 24 frames. Current one is using 23.98nd All my gear is acting as I would expect it to. Totally perplexed. Am I Alone? -Pouth (sounds like booth)
  3. YES! I'm three weeks into a Sony Venice (latest firmware) and I've been getting reports from post that a certain percentage of takes are 1-2 frames out. And it will happen in the middle of a scene, fine at top/out in middle/fine at end. totally random. I'm convinced there is a bad setting in the camera. what frame rate are you shooting at? 23.97 ND, for me.
  4. please let me know if you decide to sell your cooper 104, if you even still have it. thanx
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