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  1. Thank you all. Other than cost efficiency, is there any reason I should consider Rycote over Cinela? Any products they offer that Cinela doesn't, or that do a better job? Mics: MKH 8060 + MZF 8000 capsule (outdoor); MKH-50 (indoor, spot).
  2. Thanks all. Yes will be mounted with Rycote (or Cinela) shock mount(s). Appreciate the help
  3. I see that Chris! I apologize to not acknowledging that more. I think I was still wondering primarily because you hadn't mentioned the MZF 8000 in conjunction with the 8060, and how the low frequency cut-off may alleviate that.
  4. terrasound - This is very very helpful, thank you much. If anyone agrees/seconds this, or disagrees, please speak into! To mirror back: Sounds like the 8060 is a very safe bet over the 416; the 8050 is workable WITH the MZF 8000 *and* a specific shockmount, so the investment goes up, whereas the MKH-50 might be better for working with any sort of gear, requires lower investment, and gives a very similar sound (whereas the 8060 has some quite nice improvements over the 416). So worth it for an 8050 if "done right"... just a lot spendier.
  5. lol! 40's wider pattern as I understand can make it a bit more natural sounding indoors and preferable for some indoor booming dialogue, etc. but I think for my on-location uses, the MKH 50 will be a safer, more versatile pick that's overall not as difficult to manage. I'm after two very robust versatile mics that can cover 90% of my needs and 40 seems a bit too specialized and specfic, even if it can give an edge in audio quality for certain scenarios. Re: picasso paintings, art, etc. I'm not that picky with the art of sound, I like the Senn sound in general and it's NOT the minor artistic differences I am interested in. The question is actually incredibly simple and no one has really answered it in a hyper direct way: Is the 8060 as over-sensitive/high maintenance (vs the 416) as the 8050 is (vs the MKH-50). It's really a yes or no question, or perhaps a scale of 1-10 question. Basically I get the vibe that 8050 is better for controlled studio and can introduce problems if not handled perfectly (vs the lower maintenance MKH-50, which seems to be the recommended pick for the most versatile/robust indoor on location audio work), but I don't seem to be getting that stay-away vibe about the 8060 as I do with the 8050? Again, the fool is always bigger than the proof, but having a little extra "proof" in my corner is good for the sometimes uncontrollable situations I may be in. Ignoring slightly artistic preferences in sound, from an engineering POV, it seems the 8060 is a much better sound than the 416 with a better quality of off-axis rejection, and as long as it's not a PIA to handle (like I hear the 8050 can be) I'd prefer that. If it comes recommended to add the MZF 8000 I can do that.
  6. Of course, good to know. Do others affirm that the Cinela is worth it over Rycote? I never seem to see this in use much or mentioned much in the industry (though that may just be my personal limited experience) - why is that? Are they less popular, less robust...?
  7. Yeah Rick, that was the post I was quoting from David I am no fool, but if the 8060 w/MZF 8000 is much higher maintenance (or a lot more of a mic suited to controlled studio environment), than the 416 for my uses that could be a problem, but no one has been able to specifically speak into that much -- if the 8060 is as over sensitive as the 8050 vs the MKH-50? Even with MZF capsule?
  8. The amount of time, energy, and hassle that goes into - not to mention expense - is far from ideal for me. I'd rather gather the best info/recommendations here, purchase once with high certainty, and then simply resell/rebuy something if I need to. I'm not super picky about sound, I just need to be sure I'm not making a bonehead move by purchasing an 8060 over a 416, or a 50 over an 8050, for my use case scenarios.
  9. I have not pulled the trigger yet, and I think I could swing it budget wise... but what is the cost and best place to buy? I don't see on BH or Amazon? Looks like it's around $750-$800, so not that much more than a $650 Rycote setup? Also, it looks like this one will fit the 8060 + MZF 8000, as well as the Senn MKH 50, but *not* the Senn 416 -- correct?
  10. So i've seen this theme repeated even in this thread a bit, but it's hard to get a straight answer (perhaps because that's impossible to give?). But what I gather is: The 8050 is very sensitive and the MKH 50 could be a better choice for location, documentary, live event, less experienced boom op. The quality difference between the 8050 and MKH 50 is negligible and highly based on preference, The 8060 is a bit more sensitive than the 416, but not too much, especially with the MZF 8000. Also, the sound quality is overall much better than the 416 in terms of off-axis rejection. For the same use cases as listed above, the 8060 + MZF 8000 module would be just fine and not raise the same concerns as the 8050 unit. Thus, the best balance would be the 8060 + MZF 8000 and the classic MKH-50? Am I reading this correctly? Or does the 8060, even with module, share the exact same concerns as the 8050? Quality + Fool-proof is where I want to be... but if the 8060 is a much better mic + lower profile, with not much to be concerned with if I add that MZF 8000 module, I'd much rather go with that route for the better off-axis sound and general sound quality (plus lighter/smaller design, newer features). But if it's going to cause as many problems as the 8050 might, then no...
  11. The 8060 was too sensitive VS the 416? My thought was the 8060 + MZF 8000 module and low frequency roll-off would make the 8060 an overall better sounding mic outdoors, and the better quality off-axis sound could be a big boon (off axis = quieter VS tinny, easier to fix if a mishap). But if the 8060 is going to be overall more difficult and less forgiving...
  12. I'm more concerned that the 8060/8050 will be more studio based mics and overly sensitive for on location work, etc. I've read a lot of mixed things on this. Especially the 8050 vs the MKH 50, but maybe with the 8060 too being more sensitive to wind noise or what not. Just want to make sure I'm getting the best recommended on location audio gear, and if the new 8000 series is super unforgiving on the field VS the 416/50 that could be problematic. I'm not sure.
  13. If I plan to leave the shotgun in the zeppelin at all times, which full on zeppelin kit do you recommend and why? I already have a softie. They have this custom fitted kit which I *believe* is for the 8060 with module (but nothing else??): https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/770024-REG/Rycote_86050_Windshield_Kit_2_MZL.html VS... the WS3?? (link?) I find Rycote's model numbers and selection confusing as hell. I want a zeppelin that is a great fit for my 8060 with module (or perhaps a 416 if I go that route instead). Is it possible to get one that will work with a different shotgun mic easily as well, or does that compromise the quality I can achieve by getting a zeppelin that is too large? Please help me out here! Much thanks.
  14. If I had to pick one, do you think the 8060 w/MZF module is the better choice for me (over the 416)? Do you think the MKH-50 is the better choice for me, over the 8050? Why or why not? Thank you so much!!
  15. They have the modular system, the supershield systems, and the custom fit to a specific mic system... I plan to have a shotgun for exteriors and a hyper or super for interiors, so the shotgun could stay in the zeppelin to make it quick to get to work. So, not so sure if I really need a system that I can reconfigure with a modular setup, but I do like flexibility if I decide to use it for something different in the future. There seems to be a pretty good price range from $300 - $650, but not sure what to pick (or why I might select one model VS another). And to top it off, then they have their newer Cyclone series. Help?
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