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  1. Hi everyone, I hope all of you guys are in good shape... c'est la vie! Here's a new product that can be used as a 2 inputs TX combiner (to combine, boost). You can set RF gain to 0/+3/+6dB. Input level from 1mW up to 50mW. But ones could use it to boost signal from one TX up to 100mW. Any questions or feedback... drop a mail at contact@bs-rf.Com Christian
  2. Hi all, for people wanting to avoid long coaxial cable the radio over fiber technology can be considered. The AFR-250S is small as a AS-122, got a 1.3" OLED display to monitor RF power, optical power. More informations on our website! https://www.bs-rf.com/en/products/fiber-optic-rf-offset/reception/ You can drop a mail to get more informations. Christian.
  3. Hi to all, we now sell a compact filtered ampifier. It means first it filters then it amplifies, because you don't want to amplifiy what you don't need. There is 4 gain step, first one is no gain at all, signal is routed just in filter, then there are 6/9/12dB of gain selectable. It lets pass current and if there's no supply at all it will just filter so no dropout (this is the fail safe). Filter inside support 1W so it can be use at the output of an amplifier to reduce noise. Link to the webpage: https://www.bs-rf.com/en/product/fa-1-filtered-amplifier/ Feel free to contact us at contact@bs-rf.com for more informations! Sincerely,
  4. Hi all, this is Christian from BSRF. It seems the AS-122 has a small dude called AS-62! And he's ready to rock despite his small form factor. Now it comes with a dual step RF peak on each input. More informations on our website: www.bs-rf.com Or contact us at contact@bs-rf.com. Sincerely,
  5. I agree filtering is important when you face high power signal comming from disturbance source. That's why we put a RF peak led on the AS-122 to check if incoming signal is too high or not. We should offer for sale some external filtering solutions in the future.
  6. Hi all, the PM-1 is now available, check following link to get more informations about it: videos, manuals. http://www.bs-rf.com/en/products/rf-power-meter/ Feel free to comment or ask question about it! Sincerely, Christian
  7. Hi everyone, I often hear sound engineers asking about how can they test coax cables or how can they know attenuation in order to set properly the gain of an active antenna. The PM-1, a compact Broadband RF Power meter, can do the job and more... More informations coming soon! Have a good day. Ch.
  8. Hi, you can buy directly from us or from dealers. Send me an email and I'll send to you dealers list and price. Sincerly
  9. Hi Soundtrane, It's 10-17V as you guess. Currently the AS-122 can be buy from Audiomasterpiece CA, Gary will be glad to provide this information.
  10. Hi Ramallo, yes that's it. I hope your AS-122 serve you well. The question of a portable fiber receiver unit is still open but it's not for now. Can you describe the way you could use this devices, on which configuration, on many time? Sincerely
  11. Hi Derek, about bandwidth, the high band limit could be lowered but not the low band limit. But It can't be done by customer. Maybe an external filter could be a good solution.
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