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  1. Buyers from Europe can also see eBay results from the US if they choose to. So that’s a good start. and then there is www.bblist.co.uk aswell as several internationally frequented Facebook groups for location sound gear trade
  2. Audiosense in Belgium has them in their online store. But every lectro Dealer should be able to get them
  3. I only inquired for the bundle, not sure about the RX only.
  4. I emailed Raycom asking if this is a limited offer - they told me it indeed is, maybe just until end of may, they didn't really know how long it will be that cheap.
  5. The kit deal is amazing. Thats roughly what you pay for a 2 Channel Setup from competitors
  6. look at the article. I think the previewed picture here shows the process of hiding, not the final placement.
  7. I just ordered a couple of 6060s to bring this technique into my arsenal. The film I'm working has so many buttoned down shirts, sometimes with open jackets ontop. Its lav-nightmare, no matter what.
  8. I recently talked to kortwich and they told me they don't have tailors anymore.
  9. Could you elaborate what exactly the advantages over analogue were? And in what kind of unpredictable Situations?
  10. Thats really all I needed to hear! Thanks Gordon, more time to save some funds to buy this beautiful machine then.
  11. I am a bit confused by the "export version" just adding 6mhz more into the 600 band, but not covering the C Blocks, which are legal and used by me among others in Europe. Are we abandoned, and not able to slowly upgrade? Or is there another version for europe coming its way?
  12. I have the same problem aus Johnny Karlsson states here. Even after factory defaults, it randomly happens to turn the AUXes all the way down. Read somewhere that this happens on a power cycle, but had no time confirming this.
  13. I found it very useful on hair and/or sweaty men. But as usual when it comes to laving YMMV, I had the strap not working on some people aswell. Still worth a try sometimes
  14. Lets say I will use a passive 3 way splitter, but most of the time I only have 2 SR'S connected, leaving the third output on the splitter open for an occasional third wireless, lets say an LR. When not using the third output, there will still be a 1/3 loss, not a 1/2 right?
  15. I don't think the auction has ended regulary, I think it got cancelled. For whatever reason.
  16. http://www.core-sound.com/OctoMic/1.php Core Sound just released an 2nd Order Ambisonics Mic. Maybe worth a look!
  17. I think it would be bad indeed. Just would show that they completely lose their high end production sound customers out of sight. They really need to come up with something for this market, or they lose a good cut of old costumers to Zax and Aaton.
  18. No pick up possible is a big bright red flag.
  19. even tho I am far from being in the market for such a machine, I hope to see one aswell. After they conquered the low end market with the MixPre3/6/10, I really want to seem them still caring for the pro sector. After acquiring Audio Ltd. I guess chances are high they are not leaving their high end game as it is.
  20. URSA all the way. They came first, I had some good talks with Simon, and I really didnt like the way Daniele and his associates behaved on social media when being confronted with the similaritys between URSA and VIviana.
  21. I thought I chime in with an eMail I got from Lectros Service Manager in September, after having my SRc-C1 send in. "We have a pending change to the circuit board of the SRC-C1 to improve the exact problem that you have been experiencing. The issue is that the new wideband units, with the wider tuning range, have been more susceptible to outside interference – outside the tuning band of the unit. When your SRC was here last month, the scan settings were off and were adjusted, however that did not address your entire problem. This new PCB will have much better protection against this interference which causes symptoms of short range, bad scans, etc. However, we do not have the final release of these improved PCBs from our engineering department yet. Unfortunately, I don’t have a firm ETA from them either. " I recently asked for an update on the case "No updates as of yet. This is a top priority in our engineering dept and we hope to have them soon. However, we want to make sure the update it is optimal with thorough testing before releasing it. I have you on my list to contact as soon as we have them available to make the repair." So they are on it. Hopefully they have the new boards soon... Cheers
  22. I don't work in fictional TV stuff, but as far as I know the Ver.di FilmUnion rate is not really good. its around 300/10 for a Sound Mixer, without equipment. Please correct me if I'm wrong. The only real solution I see is to try to organize as many collegues around you to keep the rates up, or even get them up, and hold the line if producers go shopping. I for myself only recommend people I know will match my rates and dont sell out. And I try to add to that list, making people aware.
  23. For Germany I try to get the rates suggested by bvft: http://www.bvft.de/wordpress/?page_id=6777 But when it comes to TV documentary, its very hard to get a decent rate.
  24. Hey Constatin, From what block did you go to which block?
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