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  1. R12 w/pneumatic tires. Havent used it in a while- need to get the flat free tires.
  2. I did a full season (3 months) For a Animal Planet show last year using two EX3's. Only Jammed TC twice a day or when batteries died without proper power down. Assistant Editor was on site and never complained of drifting
  3. Nomad 10 SB-3 Lectro WM SRB upgrade New Endian freqFinder NTG-3 3 Comtek 216's rx 6x TRAM's
  4. Most of the times when there's rain/water/boating- there is always heavy loud background noise involved, hence degrading sound is not something u worry about but achieving intelligible dialog. I have used condoms many times for a number of years to protect my boom mic and lavs. I've successfully shielded from water trams & countryman lavs that were completely submerged using off the shelf condoms. A cheap and reliable method if u manage to figure it out
  5. Mine in-app purchase worked just fine on the iphone5
  6. Yes, sanken sc-1, Rode NTG3 and Shenn 416... w several xlr cables & different combos...Is not the mics or cables. I also did restore to factory settings many times..... When using external Phantom power (denecke ps1) with any mic the hiss drops out but turns into a very faint constant crackling.
  7. Sounds Familiar... My Nomad is experiencing the same issue. Can u send me a sample file to compare with mine and see if they sound similar? Are you shooting in the swamps of the Bayou by any chance?!? Thanks! S.
  8. Yes. That would work for jamming TC to cameras. the convenience of a SB-3 is that you can leave it permanently attached to camera
  9. Updated firmware, reset to factory and all working now. Thanks for all your help guys!
  10. As I mentioned before, this happened during recording so tracks were routed & enabled... I'll do factory reset and see what happens. Gear is on location in production van so will do that as soon as I get there in about an hour. I'll also do a firmware update just in case
  11. All of the above checked... And was actually recording while this happened...This is a rental unit I got from Trew Audio since I sent my Nomad to the shop for a quick tune up. Stress is not my issue
  12. I did try a new CF and still blank. Remaining space on HD was over 90 gig and CF about 20gig . Pressing the HDD button will show all files in the drive and remaining space but main screen will show only blanks (------) Have a long day of shooting today and need to figure this out...
  13. I hit record today on a 788T and all of the sudden both CF & IHDD turned to ----- and not showing remaining space neither recording tracks... Power cycle & Removed batteries and still shows like there's no media mounted. Is this a known bug? Handed over CF card to DIT and also plugged the 788 via FW800 and media showing up... but 788T wont show mounted media!! Any leads?!?!
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