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  1. DPA determined that the failure was covered under the warranty and said they'd be shipping another out within 24 hours. Good news.
  2. I found out that DPA warranties their adapters for two years. I emailed them for an RMA and just sent mine in today. I'll let you know what I hear back.
  3. Recently on set one of my lavs stopped working and I traced it to the Microdot to Lectro connector (part# is DAD3056). I'm not sure what happened exactly but the threads were pulled right off of the connector. The threads remained inside the Microdot connection but I was able to pull them out with needle nose pliers. You can see in the photo that the tip of the connector on the left is smooth where the threads came off and the intact connector on the right is still threaded. I'm curious if this has happened to anyone else. These babies are $100 bucks a piece so it's a bit of a loss but a neces
  4. Thanks everyone for the advice. I ended up with a playback system on stage consisting of two Behringer 205D monitors (at an extremely low volume) and my KRK subwoofer. I played the music tracks via my iPhone which I had mounted to my bag. The audio out of the phone was split - one signal right back into my recorder for sync in post, and the other signal to a Sony wireless unit which was sent to the system on stage. The music had a 40Hz pulse with the beat so the dancers had something to lock to, and the music out of the Behringers was low enough that it was barely picked up by my mics while re
  5. I have a shoot coming up where there will be several scenes in a bar with actors miming instruments. I'll have a playback system on stage with them so the actors will be able to accurately 'play along' to their parts. For some of those scenes though, there will be some speaking parts with the principal actors who will be sitting at a table in the bar (a little ways away from the stage where the 'musicians' will be). My plan was to have the music playing at the lowest possible volume - just enough for the musicians to play along to but hopefully not loud enough for there to be any s
  6. Hi everyone. This is my first post to JW and I'm somewhat new to the location audio world. In December I'm doing my first feature film and the DP wants to use timecode which I've never used before. He is providing a Tentacle Sync and a Denecke Smart Slate which we'll be syncing to a SD 744T. The camera is an Alexa mini. I have a workflow in mind but I wanted to run it by some pros to see if I'm forgetting something. Make sure 744, slate and Tentacle are all using the same frame rate as the Alexa Use freerun mode on the 744 Using a 5 pin LEMO to 3.5mm TRS, jam the Tent
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