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  1. Hello, i just found out that there will be a new camerasystem from Sharp: http://www.sharp-world.com/corporate/news/171107_2.html The interesting thing to me is, that the camcorder will have a MADI audio input? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MADI So I really wonder why a camera should have an input like this? Who records more than 50 channels in one camera? Anybody knows why to use this input? What are use cases? Perhaps it is for big sport events? Thanks for your answers and greetings from germany.
  2. Dear all, we're going to shoot in kind of extreme environmental conditions in the next months. So perhaps you can help me. How do you decide which camera to use? At which criterias/parameters are you looking at? In most data sheets I can only find the paramters temperature and humidity. What about dust and rain protection(I can't really find IP-classes or stuff like that)? And also when it comes to transport and storage. I'm thinking about really hot temperatures in a car or damaged streets so that the camera get's shaked a lot. Did you ever had problems with stuff like acid rain in industrial places? What abut going from warm into cold places and vice versa? I'm thinking about the ARRI AMIRA, because i really like the sound quality when it comes to recording. What do you think? Thank you Bobbi
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