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  1. Hi, there is this Taiwan based mic manufacturer www.b9audio.com I am interested in the Super Cardiod mic CM150 which is available in three different versions. It´s difficult to find informations about them, because the ones I found are in Taiwanese. On Youtube there are some videos. A demonstration of the CM170 and the CM150 can be found. All the others are used for classical recordings. I assume, that the mics have to be more than good, when used for classiscal recordings, because normally these people are super picky about what gear they choose.
  2. My order from Ultra Viola Audio arrived. Conclusion: trustworthy. I talked to them via phone and mailed with them. Friendly and fast response. Also shipping was quick. So I will order again and can recommend this company!
  3. Under the 633 there are aprox. 2 cm left. I ordered a 833 and I tell you if it fits when it´s here...
  4. Hi, maybe some folks from Hungaria are on this board and can help me with a company from Budapest called - UltraViola Audio - https://ultraviola.eu If it is thrustworthy or not? They have good prices and I would like to order there. I have explored their homepage. Everything seem professional and all the products are the usual suspects. The imprint also looks good. I checked the VAT number and the registration number and both are fine. Any opinions?
  5. I´ve got the 201 block 24 for a long time and it never let me down and it´s my trusty old friend. (But when I have some extra cash I upgrade) I am using the Betagear Stuff for nearly one year. The antenna distribution looks same the the PSC one and is well build and I costs around 350€. The sharks (90€ for two!) are a little bit taller than the usual suspects but working great. They look very similar to the shure UA874 besides the paddle is different. With the antenna distribution and the sharks I have a really great range and no dropouts. When I ordered them I was sceptical, but I was to courious too! There´s a lot of crap on Alix Express, but a few things are great. Also great art the Leicozic Receivers for the clients. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32750422632.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.5e5d42a6WqzFzQ&algo_pvid=631508f9-2007-42d8-9932-81b74afcd8c2&algo_expid=631508f9-2007-42d8-9932-81b74afcd8c2-14&btsid=0b0a187915821902379692581ebf01&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ Well build and sounding good for 50€. I use the together with my Sennheiser SK300 (SNA antenna modified) I also can recommend al kind of cables and SNA antennes there. The prizes are good. I buying pro stuff and I am willing to spend money. But cables and antennas are definitifly way too expensive. My VMOUNT is the AXCOM U-SVLO-99-UD. It´s half the size of fat one. Two of these power the whole bag for one day. I decided for V-Mount because normally the camera department has them too. For emergency situations I can use their chargers or their batteries.
  6. Hi Folks. This is my bag mainly for commercials, documentary and interviews. But I also done a TV series on a cart and with sharks. 1 x Sound Devices 633 2 x Wisycom MCR 42S 1 x Lectrosonics UCR 201 for Boom (modified with SNA connectors for external antennas) 2 x Lectrosonics SNA600 (just stuck inside the spaces of the bag. I tried different things, but this is the easiest way and it´s fast removable) 1 x Powerdistribution from www.ops-shop.de 1 x Betagear Antenna Distribution (it´s from Ali Express and works fine with the Betagear Shark antennas! ) 1 x Sennheiser SK300 G3 for boom op or customers 1 x Lectrosonics UM110 for camera feed 1 x VMount battery 1 x Orca Bags OR-30
  7. Which model is the Condor Bag?
  8. That´s a good point. When I have my harness on, I don´t want to take it down when not nescessary.
  9. ORCA Bags now has the OR-444 ORCA 3S (SPINAL SUPPORT SYSTEM) SOUND HARNESS. Until now, there was only one similiar concept by K-Tek the KSHRN3. I am looking forward for a new harness that helps my back and shoulders. I really like the concept of being modular and using just parts of the harness for quick situations. Does someone already tried or is using it? Maybe compared to the K-Tek?
  10. If you are using a Orca Bag this maybe would something for you. Haven´t tried it. https://www.orcabags.com/product/orca-sound-bags-aluminum-antenna-holder/
  11. Here is my attempt for mounting two SNA600s in my ORCA OR-30 bag. For me it´s important to keep my bag as light as possible (it´s heavy enough) so I unmounted the black heavy blocks from the antenna and put some 3M dual lock on it and attached it to a hardplastic piece from the hardware store. For prevent the plastic to move around some normal velcro is attached on the upside. When the sides are closed it locks the holders in position.
  12. https://www.pinknoise-systems.co.uk/orca-replacement-front-pouch-for-or-30-select-colour.html
  13. Attila

    Leicozic SR2050

    I ordered this one yesterday https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32815090009.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.74b84c4dn17iPn in the 572-603.5MHZ range. Try to look around. They use different brand names for the same article.
  14. ok. But where do you insert the capacitator? Under the BNC socket?
  15. I´m using the the MCR41s and the newest linear MTP41s. My mics are standart ones which worked great and without any problems with my lectro SMAs. Those SMAs were hard to overdrive.
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