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    I was working as a boom operator for 8 years and since 2017 as a location sound recordist
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  1. Old tread with a new question. Do someone know if the Schoeps BLM 03 boundary mic can be used with the CMR?
  2. I am looking for coloured fader caps for the CL-16. P&G ist offering some, but I need more colours. Any idea where I can get these?
  3. No recording. I would only recommend it If mounted at one spot. Ita not very sturdy, but for me it works fine.
  4. I Like my Fotga. Good price and you can zoom in. The housing ist made of plastic. I mounted it in my cart so there ist no issue with that.
  5. Attila


    Autocorrection can be a lot of fun!
  6. The SYS Roll is brandnew so I didn´t had the time to test it. Next week the new job starts and I am eger to try it out. I will share my experience. But at first glancethe system seems good. The profile is small and the 4 wheels let it easiley turn around. The handle is in a good height an you can open the boxes because the let space between the handle and the systainers. When I ordered the SYS Roll I tought it is made of aluminium, but it is made of plastic. The specs says that I can handle up to 100kg. I hope it will work. But if it is designed for construction work, i I think it will. And also it is made of really sturdy plastic and made in germany. A little bit heavy it is. Detaching the boxes is a dream. Turn the green switch and ready. The wheels are also made of full platic. But iut should not to be to hard to replace them with rubber ones. To carry the boom and the umbrella I have already modified it.
  7. This setup is for cartwork. Everything needed is in this case. Grap the handle and go for the talent wherever she is.
  8. The result ist improtant. Not how you get to it. For me it doesnt matter I someone uses his/hers feet or even his/hers tail ( If mother or father were a monkey). Try to develop your style and anticipate tricks from the others.
  9. Attila


    Try the Beyerdynamic Custom Studio. Nice price tag. Unspectacular dry but precise sound but works really great. Also die listening to music. I recommend to switch the earpads from velours to leather dir better Isolation. You can get the earpads in eBay or AliExpress. https://a.aliexpress.com/_mO8jlbz
  10. Thanks for your explanations. It a good Idea to do a click track to the coresponding BPM. I will try it.
  11. Is there any difference when using a special low hz speaker instead of filtering the music track in a daw a play it over a "normal" speaker? Shouldn´t it be theoretical the same?
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