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  1. That´s a good point. When I have my harness on, I don´t want to take it down when not nescessary.
  2. ORCA Bags now has the OR-444 ORCA 3S (SPINAL SUPPORT SYSTEM) SOUND HARNESS. Until now, there was only one similiar concept by K-Tek the KSHRN3. I am looking forward for a new harness that helps my back and shoulders. I really like the concept of being modular and using just parts of the harness for quick situations. Does someone already tried or is using it? Maybe compared to the K-Tek?
  3. If you are using a Orca Bag this maybe would something for you. Haven´t tried it. https://www.orcabags.com/product/orca-sound-bags-aluminum-antenna-holder/
  4. Here is my attempt for mounting two SNA600s in my ORCA OR-30 bag. For me it´s important to keep my bag as light as possible (it´s heavy enough) so I unmounted the black heavy blocks from the antenna and put some 3M dual lock on it and attached it to a hardplastic piece from the hardware store. For prevent the plastic to move around some normal velcro is attached on the upside. When the sides are closed it locks the holders in position.
  5. https://www.pinknoise-systems.co.uk/orca-replacement-front-pouch-for-or-30-select-colour.html
  6. Attila

    Leicozic SR2050

    I ordered this one yesterday https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32815090009.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.74b84c4dn17iPn in the 572-603.5MHZ range. Try to look around. They use different brand names for the same article.
  7. ok. But where do you insert the capacitator? Under the BNC socket?
  8. I´m using the the MCR41s and the newest linear MTP41s. My mics are standart ones which worked great and without any problems with my lectro SMAs. Those SMAs were hard to overdrive.
  9. Funny. I also have the problem that the bag is too thick and ordered a few days ago the thin replacement pouch. The bag is really small, but way to thick!
  10. Hi. I know the difference between the old 600 and the new 600a model is, that the 600a can be used with an active distribution. But what happens when I use the old model 600 with an active distribution? Does the reception suffers or can it be damaged somehow?
  11. I uploaded the audio file which I find is partially distorted. Metering was as mentioned in the middle or slightly above, but with no peaks. Wisycom_Dist_Audio.mp3
  12. yes, I can, next week after my holiday.
  13. I use the 633 and tried different things. Turned the input to mic and line, turned down the levels from the receivers. But the distortion occurs in the TX unfortunately. Are your DPA and MKE1 2 wire or 2 wire + bias?
  14. I got a set from the rental to check if my has a problem or not. Both work the same. So I have to get used to the WISYCOM gain structure and I must be carefull with the metering. I think it is not accurate. When I use my ears for gainstaging everything is fine. Just visually it don´t look like I am used to metering. The Wisycoms are quit different from Lectro and there is a learning curve to understand their system. From handling the Lectro make more sense, but I thing after a while I get used to Italian style 🙂
  15. I had my Lectro mics rewired for Lemo Wisycom. The receiver is fine. It is set to maximum +16dbu(recommended by the seller). I also tried to lower the gain, to see if my input stage distorts. Even at 00dbu the signal sounds distorted, when it gets louder. Yes, I saw this in the manual and read also that for 2 wires + bias (this is my configuration) 6dbu peak is max. But does that mean, I am not allowed to use the metering on the devices? That would be strange.....
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