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  1. Ok. I see. The methods in the US are different from here in Germany. But thanks!
  2. Thanks Karri and Nathan! That helps!
  3. Hi, normally as a freelance sound recordist with own equipment I calculate my working time from door to door. (From home. Not from the hotel) Today I had the case, that I am not allowed to do this and my start time for me is as on the call sheet and the end is when wrapped. I am working in Germany. How do you handle this? And how do you argument that working time starts with loading equipment? And another point is, do you calculate a safety buffer (e.g. traffic jams etc...)?
  4. Hi. I am switching from Lectrosonics (TA5) to Wisycom (Lemo 3 Pin) and want to wire my mics by myself. But unfortunately can´t find informations about some models like Sennheiser MKE-2 Tram TR-50 Maybe someone can help me? Thx
  5. I found this on Ali Express - Leicozic 8 channels Signal Amplifier Antenna distributor system https://de.aliexpress.com/item/Leicozic-8-channels-Signal-Amplifier-Antenna-distributor-system-Antenna-Amplifier-for-Recording-Interview-Wireless-Microphone/32961947715.html?spm=a2g0x.10010108.1000016.1.cc65b395S39AwS&isOrigTitle=true What do you think about this system?
  6. So the Wisycom support answered : The only difference between 40 and 41 are the battery life, the RF max power (MTP41 can’t go up to 100mW) and it can’t power the PHA48 to supply phantom power, outside for these points MTP40 and 41 are absolutely the same range and audio wise. All the MTP41S in Band 7 (470-663Mhz) we produce now will feature the LINEAR technology.
  7. After searching I found a Video that explain the linear function. It´s about avoiding intermodulation. It will be explained at 6:00 and here at 3:30 Sadly this function is not explained in the user manual...
  8. Yes phantom power is right. But both have the limiter. An on the Wisycom Website the MTP40S is pictured with the linear function. The MTP41S is not. So does both have the linear mode?
  9. Hi, a guy from a sound store told me, that there is a difference between the WISYCOM MTP40S & MTP41S in performance. The MTP40S should have a better performance and reliability. Can someone confirm this?
  10. Attila


    Maybe inspired by him?
  11. My setup. Works well stationary and if needed I am mobile in seconds.
  12. Thanks for all the great informations. I will try some options and reporreport about it.
  13. The K-Tek looks good but I don´t know if it fits onto my SACHTLER harness. Maybe on the hooks upside. Do you use it with the K-Tek harness? About the REI rain covers. I thought about something like this, but I need to have access to the recorder and see through the cover.
  14. Hi, I wonder what is the best way to protect a sound bag from rain when doing e.g. a documentary? I found two solutions from Sachtler - the Rain Poncho - and from ORCA - the OR-35 -. I would prefer the small solution from ORCA when I am already wearing a rain jacket. But it looks not very reliable when it´s windy and I think the water will find it´s way through the top mounting. Are there any alternatives or do someone know how to protect it otherwise?
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