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  1. We are going to shoot a party scene with dialogue.

    Party scenes with no music always look akward, because everybody is moving to their own rhythm.

    I have heard of playing back music with a low hicut, so they can get rid of the bass rhythm in the post.

    Did someone has experience with this kind of method? Where would you set the hicut?

    I would think about 50hz, far away from the voices frequencies. But I there anything to be aware of?

  2. I just tried to watch David Finchers - Mank.

    I immediateley noticed the artificial stereo reverbaration on the dialogue. But for my taste it´s way to much. In the first scene indoors the reverb doesn´t match to the size of the room neither to the materials inside. The next scene with a different room, the same. Way to large on the reverbaration side than the existing room. It bothered me so much, that I had to stop the movie. My brain suffered to match what I see and what I hear.

    I noticed this circumstance in other movies too.

    Does anybody of you had the same thoughts?

  3. On 3/29/2021 at 5:49 PM, berniebeaudry said:

    How do the lavs sound?  The ability to get reverb under control in post has really gotten pretty good.  Izotope, Accentize, Acon Digital, Zynaptiq are all decent options to try.  Of course you want to do what you can on location but its often not practical or effective.  I have all of the programs mentioned.  I'd be happy to do a test for you and see how effectively the reverb can be reduced.


    The lavs sound roomy too, but with a fundamaent, which I dial to the boom, for some body I  wider shot.

    I thouht about the differenve of a Super CMit and postmoval. Your terms of 3d and 2d are really good and I was thinking in a similar direction.

    I never used a Super Cmit. It is a digital 2 Channel mic, right? Booming on a analog 1 channel transmitter is so not possible. Right?

  4. 9 hours ago, Michael Manzke said:

    Some molton mounted on a c-stand might help (rollmops) and should be set up quite fast. Apart from that, a superCMIT or a Cedar DNS might also help reduce the reverberation. 

    For a Rollmops there is not enough space. 

    Does the SuperCmit Computer the reverb away? A Shotgun normaly doesnt help in such a situation.

    Maybe I will be a post thing to get thus right.... but I dont like this though

  5. Hi together.


    We are shooting in a location with lot of reverberation because of the high ceilings.

    I am using a hypercardiod mic AKG C480 which I always use inside. The boom sounds difficult even when 50cm away. All actors are laved and I dial in some amount to the boom.

    I have told the production about the problem and suggested to hang molton on the ceilings. They have no

    time either the personal to do it. Also I cant use blankets because of the limited space.

    Does somebody have some suggestion?

  6. Finally I found my Headphones to go.


    I tried a few cans from cheap to expensive.

    I dont Unserstand why so many uses the SONY 7506. They are so harsh in the highs that it hurt my ears.

    Ive also tried the Neumann NDH 20. They costs 499€ and are high end. I didnt Likes them either. I missed some clear brightness.

    They are very detailed and very confortable to work all das long.
    They are perfekt fore for speech. Also they are great for music. The Bass response (which you can change via the switches in the phones) is awesome for me. I find it tight and clear. Also the seperation of Instruments is clear and I found them 3D sounding. I Like rhe spatial seperation very much.


    And the best thing, they were in Sale for 109€.

    They come with velour pads. But dfor more noise canceling I pimped them with thick leather pads. These you can find in eBay or Ali Express.

    They add a little bit to the low frequencies but isolte more. Also they are really confortable also when its warm.


    I recommend these headphones very much.







  7. 6 hours ago, ryanpeds said:

    Unless you have the remote audio 216 kit you can’t use the lectro SNA antenna with comteks. Wrong frequency range. Just use 2 comtek antennas. That’s what I do and I assume what others do as well. 

    The transmitters are no Comteks. Just called them Comtek because everybody knows what Comteks are for. In German you say - Mithöre - (translated = listen to)

    My transmitter is a Sennheiser SK 300 in the band at 600 mHz. And it works fine with the Lectro Dipol. 

    I tried to send them trough to splitter. As Larry mentioned,  the range is less, as with two seperate antennas.



  8. Hello everybody.


    I want to send to Comtek lines. One for my boom op and the other for the rest of the crew.


    Idea one: I use two seperate antennas (Lectrosonics  SMA600)  for each line.

    Idea two: I combine both antenna signals into one antenna splitter (Sennheiser ASP212 passive) and send the signal out via one antenna. This idea is my prefered one. Less clutter with cables. But do the two signals alter each other when sent through one antenna?


    How do you do it? And recommendations and experiences?

  9. On 6/14/2020 at 1:05 AM, Constantin said:

    the weight is something you may need to get used to, although I feel that number is a bit exaggerated. It doesn‘t feel that heavy on my head. The ear pads are filled with gel, but in all these years I haven’t had a single leakage. 

    Now, I absolutely adore the Neumann NDH20. I love their sound, I love how they feel, I love how they sit on my head, the quality they ooze out of every component and I also love their sound. A lot. 
    But they are not high noise isolating headphones. They are maybe about on a level in this regard with the HD25‘s. So you wouldn’t gain much, so to speak...

    I found the weight on the B&H site.


  10. I am concerned about the weight of the  HN-7506.  The specs say that they weight 1,36 Kg. And I read that the ear pads are filled with fluid gel, which can leak.


    I found two other interesting headphones


    Beyerdynamic DT770M 


    Neumann NDH20


    Any experiences with these?



  11. Hi Folks,


    I am using the Sennheiser HD-25 for more than 7 years. I like them a lot and for me they are indestructable. But now I am looking for headphones with high noise isolation from the outside.


    I have heared from the Remote Audio HN-7506.

    Are there any others that are recommendable?



  12. No risk no fun no chance to discorver somerhing new. I read a discussion about the B9 stereo mics and the user only said good things about it. Also I found some examples where the high end audio community uses the stereomics to record their high end systems.(little bit strange to listen to a recorded hifi system). Also the use of sound devices and cantar convinced me of the serouisity of the company.

    Long story short, I ordered the CM150F and I report back.


  13. Hi,


    there is this Taiwan based mic manufacturer www.b9audio.com

    I am interested in the Super Cardiod mic CM150 which is available in three different versions.


    It´s difficult to find informations about them, because the ones I found are in Taiwanese.


    On Youtube there are some videos. A demonstration of the CM170 and the CM150 can be found. All the others are used for classical recordings.

    I assume, that the mics have to be more than good, when used for classiscal recordings, because normally these people are super picky about what gear they choose.




  14. On 2/29/2020 at 6:37 PM, TimMey said:


    Nice bag Attila!!


    It looks like you have approx. 3 cm left under the 633. I wonder, if the OR-30 would be a good match to a Sound Devices 833 with two medium NPF (770) on the back?? It would add about 5-6 cm compared to the 633, but i don´t want the Recorder to stick out of the bag too much...


    Does anybody has experience with the depth of the 833 with NPF´s added on the back?

    Does anybody know if they will bring out a special bag for the 833?

    Or should i get the Stingray Small instead??


    What do you think...?

    Thanks everybody. Best, Tim.


    Under the 633 there are aprox. 2 cm left.


    I ordered a 833 and I tell you if it fits when it´s here...

  15. Hi,


    maybe some folks from Hungaria are on this board and can help me with a company from Budapest called - UltraViola Audio - https://ultraviola.eu

    If it is thrustworthy or not?

    They have good prices and I would like to order there. I have explored their homepage. Everything seem professional and all the products  are the usual suspects.

    The imprint also looks good. I checked the VAT number and the registration number and both are fine.

    Any opinions?




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