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  1. Nice, look forward to hearing what you think of it!
  2. @AttilaTony, the owner of B9, is very active on some other online audio forums - Gearslutz perhaps. He's a very friendly guy and will answer any questions you have. I own a B9 CM170 and it's definitely better in sound quality than an Oktava, at least the ones I've heard. The CM170 is clearly designed to look like a miniCMIT but it's not on that level either. However, like @tourtelot mentioned, it's hard to beat at it's price range.
  3. Any suggestions on how to quiet the zippers on a sound bag? Wrap them with tape? My Orca 28 has a ridiculous amount of zippers on the sides and when I do any sort of movement (especially walking), the zippers are very audible in my mics. It's kind of beyond me why they would put so many metal zipper pulls on a sound bag 🤷‍♂️
  4. I agree with you Philip, this is a great resource and that's why I come here and have been coming here for some years now. There are many helpful posts and users here, alway. However, I will never understand why certain people feel offended and perhaps threatened when a beginner asks a question, and then actually make posts to express that sentiment. Why not call that sort of behavior out as well? In any case, thanks (to you and others) for making it a valuable resource 🙏🏼 Thanks Jim, you're always extremely gracious and helpful in your responses (in all forums - you're everywhere!). IMO, Constantin's first response to Danny was quite condescending and not helpful.
  5. So territorial and insecure, like a little dog that claims the fire hydrant as his own. Hilarious and quite sad, actually. Danny, I have found the site Transom very helpful for techniques for processing sound and suggesting workflows, etc. And - imagine this - it embraces beginners and folks outside of their immediate community.
  6. Would any of these mics - Neumann 190/191 or Pearl MSH10 or Audio Technica 4029 - work mounted on the camera? I have an AT4025 stereo mic and it is way too sensitive to be used on camera. What kind of mount might be best for them, if put onto a camera? My setup is similar to this but with a Mixpre-6 underneath too. Thanks!
  7. Thanks a lot Paul, I'll give this a shot!
  8. Thanks for the reply. Yes, in order to get the sound not to peak, you have to turn the gain to the very lowest setting which I did. But, the buzz still persisted.
  9. Has anyone had any experience using a SD Mixpre-6 with a Panasonic GH5? I am getting a healthly amount of noise when I return the sound back into the camera. I don't hear any noise when I monitor the sound from the Mixpre-6, just when I monitor from the camera. I've used these guidelines that SD has provided. When I used the Mixpre-6 with a Sony A7sII, I didn't get any noise/feedback at all - just clean (albeit quite loud) sound. Any suggestions on how I might troubleshoot? http://cdn.sounddevices.com/download/guides/MixPreSeries-PanasonicGH45.pdf
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