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  1. The mixer in use when the issue was originally discovered was a Soundcraft Ui16... Results were repeated with a different analog mixer(Mackie 1202). I can't recall the make/model of the substitute mixer that was provided on location. The noise was only present coming out of the M2R...the headphone output of the mixer, as well as the headphone port on the M2T, were both clean... **the M2T was fed analog signals from the UI16 via XLR**
  2. It was once suggested to me to try a drop of olive oil as a method for cleaning the cables on DPA 4071 mics...it sort of works, but sometimes the adhesive from using surgical tape can be difficult to remove-I've been advised against using adhesive remover as it could be potentially corrosive and cause damage to the mic cable... Has anyone come across any other successful methods of cleaning lav mics?
  3. Has anyone A/B'd the mic pre's on the Zoom F8 vs the recently released F6? Wondering if the F6 is sonically superior...
  4. I've been micing singers for operas over the past couple years, using lectrosonics transmitters with DPA 4071s. Does anyone have experience with Leukoflex? Is it preferable to 3M surgical tape? Thanks, B
  5. Hi, I recently got a new Lectrosonics M2R/M2T combo to use as in-ear monitors. I noticed a great deal of noise artifacts while using the system...It was being fed a stereo mix from a digital mixer... After scanning for optimal RF signal strength, following the signal chain, troubleshooting any phase/power issues, I decided to swap the digital mixer out for an analog one, and the noise appeared to go away. Once the mixer was put back into the system, the noise came back... Has anyone else ever experienced this? I've attached a sample of the sound, recorded directly from the output of the M2R...It sounds like a sort of audible quantization noise...its most obvious around 2:09 in the attached clip. Any thoughts/insight would be most welcome! B Lectro_Test_Record_Digital.wav
  6. I'm a recording engineer based in Boston. About a month ago I some tests measuring and comparing the relative sensitivities for various wireless mic heads using a Lectrosonics HHA transmitter, and a variety of compatible capsules(heads). I've attached a write-up of what we learned-some things many of you may be well aware of. It was very interesting to see what capsules were most sensitive. Sensitivity Report.pdf
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