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  1. Wow interesting - the sound devices pulls just shy of 2 amps fully loaded with an SL2 the black magic pulls 2.5 amps and the icon never pulls more than 2 This is essentially the same rig I’m Building! very interesting - it’s a shame you don’t have an idea of whats left on your battery via monitoring. what’s your block battery rated at? best craig
  2. Hi Nevo - they are a very powerful solution but they seemed to be designed for the PSC Euro carts - I’m currently building a modified ScMini - trying to keep everything in the bag (essential) and the monitors / mixer in the cart. Hi Tery- I’ve seen these and they look like a decent solution - what do you have it loaded up with if you find mine me asking.
  3. ahh nice - thats handy having 6 amps per output. Ive actually been speaking to Ron and he's been super helpful and essentially said the same as you here. we worked out its just over 6amps total
  4. Good afternoon - I'm building a small sound cart set up: Ive been talking to American Sound recordist Jim Keany Building around the idea of been able to quickly break the bag away from the cart with minimal Fuss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sNVnqQ8p7E (starts talking about power around 8.10) As you can see my rig is a bit smaller but very similar. Bag: -An 833 (SL-2 - 2x src's - 2 x Betso Sharks) G4 Coms Cart: Icon M+ Controll Surface Black magic Duo monitors LED light strip Usb Hub My problem at the moment is Power distribution: It looks like Jim is using his PSC life bat - into a AR VmDbox then out to the bag and various components. I've been talking to PSC about using their Tripple play distrobox with their life battery but he replied with:"Both the Large 4 Pin XLR and the mIni 4 Pin XLRs are wired with the pins doubled up. Each of the mini XLR inputs on the Triple play is only good for about 7 amps, so if you want to supply more current than that, you should have a cable made that has a full size XLR 4 pin on one end and have it “Y” out to mini XLR 4 pins on the other end." This leaves me a bit stumped - ive attached a block diagram of how I would like this set you to function but as is obvious by now, I'm a bit out mydepth are Power Distro. Thanks for your time and any suggestions are welcome
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