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  1. Matt Mayer

    Cable Testers - Any recommendations?

    I own one of the Behringer CT-200s. Pretty simple to use, but sometimes I think it would be easier to interpret the CT-100. You can use a Multi-meter, but a tester would be much faster if you have a lot of cable to test.
  2. Matt Mayer

    Searching for a splitter

    Drawmer makes a 4x4 active split, probably isn't cheap: http://www.drawmer.com/products/kickbox/4x4r-rackmount-active-splitter.php
  3. RTS is a brand of production intercom systems commonly used in production trucks and venues: http://www.rtsintercoms.com/rts/line Much like Kleenex it has come to stand for any 2 wire intercom system. RTS systems carry 2 channels of intercom and power for the beltpacks over a regular 3 pin XLR cable. RTS1/RTS2 allows the user to select which intercom channel to transmit.
  4. Matt Mayer

    Lectrosonics SR9VBP battery pack

    Keep in mind, the SRs draw relatively low current (~150mA, IIRC), which works well with 2 9V cells. If you try it with other equipment that takes an L-Mount, say a Sound Devices 7-Series or 6-Series recorder, your run time would be measured in minutes. Also, if said equipment had internal charging for the L-Mount, like the 7-Series, that would cause problems as well.
  5. Matt Mayer

    WTB 4 Channel Recorder for Tetrahedral Mic

    While the 6 Series all have analog trims and can't be ganged, the 688 can read the setting of the trim pot. This allows you to set all the inputs to precisely the same gain.
  6. Matt Mayer

    Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

  7. Matt Mayer

    Remote Audio BDSv4U Connection

    IIRC, It's a Switchcraft 761K. Long shank, 2.5mm inner diameter
  8. I can't think of any cameras that record sound when in a non-sync frame rate. Many cameras also freeze their timecode as well when in a non-sync frame rate, so attempting to provide timecode for them would be fruitless. The best thing you can do is have a properly jammed sync box at your frame rate so that when the camera comes back to sync speed, they will have the proper timecode available to re-jam automatically.
  9. Matt Mayer

    Lectro PDR, not Lectro PMR

    No timecode output on the PDR.
  10. Matt Mayer

    Not a political thread: what mic is being used here?

    Interesting article on the change and the history of the podium mics. Strangely, the author never mentions the actual model. Shure SM87 or Beta87 perhaps? http://www.theverge.com/2017/1/25/14384774/trump-microphone-speech-long-neck-shure-sm57
  11. Matt Mayer

    Bernie, you ok?

    Glad you are okay Bernie! The sidelines, even in a place as spacious as the new US Bank Stadium, can be a dangerous place...
  12. Matt Mayer


    Nick, What was confusing about the Tracert? Each line that it reports back is a "hop" or router in your connection between your computer and JWS. The programs will generally report the IP address and DNS name of the router. After that are generally 3 values in milliseconds, the Min/Max/Avg ping times from your computer to that address. If you see a router with a really high ping time, that is likely where your connection is bogging down. It is also likely that router is dropping packets as well.
  13. Matt Mayer


    Your best diagnostic would be a simple ping test and tracert between your computer and JWSound.net. Tracert will show you latency to each hop in the chain, the ping test will show packet loss.
  14. Matt Mayer

    PinkNoise 633 add-on box

    All 3 outputs on a single TA7? Ugh..
  15. Matt Mayer

    The horrible RF pollutions from modern fans

    It ain't the propeller, it's the magnets driving the propeller.