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  1. joi b

    For those of you that use Peli cases

    If you search for molle pouches on aliexpress you get a million results, but since they do not cost that much I just ordered all sorts of pouches and found out what suited my needs after I got the lid insert fastened If you look at the grayman site they have a lookup table to see which insert is right for you case
  2. Hi guys, longtime lurker here in Reykjavik, Iceland I came across a solution for my Peli 1620 case which I use for my sound-kit a rigid molle panel from https://greyman-tactical.com/ which uses screw holes already in the case and a couple of molle pouches ordered from aliexpress been on 3 jobs with it and it is much better than the lid organiser which Peli offers - jb
  3. joi b

    bluetooth sound box

    I have one of those https://soundboks.com/soundboks2/ Not excactly lightweight or small, but for playback purposes while mobile, nothing comes close Made in Denmark, built to stand up to being taken to Roskilde festival