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  1. The EK 500 G4 has phones out as well, doesn't it? It can be used as an IEM.
  2. I was pretty disappointed by the fact that they have a straight jack, instead of the 90 degree angle on the HD25. That stupid dipswitch for turning the high db protection on and off breaks pretty instantly as well.
  3. The noise is a bit more suppressed on the Audio Ltd compared to the Zaxcom. Either way... This can be solved in post. Of course not ideal, but not a huge problem. Really wished you would have included Wisycom, but appreciate your effort with those four clips. :)
  4. Thanks for the test. Really curious about the range of the A10 up against Wisycom. The A10 sounds better than Wisycom. Don't need an A/B to verify that.
  5. Looks good. Any chance of releasing that 3d-file?
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