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  1. Eagerly awaiting your results!
  2. Does anyone know the runtime on a single battery when using the ZMT3-X in recording only mode? All transmission turned off except Zaxnet.
  3. The MixPre stamps the header of the file with the incoming TC. It will drift noticeably if the take is longer than 20 minutes.
  4. Even smaller font on the display. Need new glasses.
  5. There is no battery in the Nova, and some people still rely on G3/whatever instead of Zaxnet for IFB transmission. Get a small backpack if you need extra batteries and other stuff? I use a portabrace pouch on the belt.
  6. They are less sensitive than DPA and Sanken. That can be an advantage in some cases, but you're probably gaining that self-noise up.
  7. Uhm. Get a multimeter. Identify how they soldered the lemo side. Connect to 1 and 6.
  8. Automix would be nice. I use it solely for listening. It helps a lot on those 4+ lav reality jobs.
  9. @RadoStefanov Pleased with the slate mic? Is it routable to a track?
  10. Really wish it had a 3.5 mm jack for headphones as well. Use the big one for normal work. If the jack breaks inside the socket you switch to the 3.5 mm instead and save the day. I've gotten rental gear (664) with one of two headphone outputs broken because of this. Two sockets. One professional and one consumer. The latter will save you when you have to buy an emergency headset in a rural town somewhere in Africa, and the only thing they got is a Casio or some shitty noname brand. That's redundancy. (Yes, I usually bring backup headphones with screw on connectors. Prepared for anything)
  11. Where can I read about the different modulations? Haven't found a page that explains each in detail.
  12. Ah, feels good. The only things missing now is an app with complete control of the Nova, and wifi upload on demand from the transmitters to the Nova. Big thumbs up to Zaxcom. This is moving things forward in a big way.
  13. Are there any samples of audio recorded on the nova available online? Something that has been through post production would be cool to hear as well.
  14. I would plump out for a Nova, two receivers and eight transmitters immediately. 😀 How do you find the re-record function? I really wish that was automatic as well.
  15. Sure it can. Most of it is digital anyway. That's why it's so light. I believe it can be done. 🙂 There is space, and no - it would not require double the parts. The proprietary connector supports four channels as well, so no limitation there.
  16. Nice review. I want a MRX214 receiver with four separate transmitters (mono) in. That would be an instant sell actually.
  17. That's true. Maybe I'll reach out to them. I would really like to use it as a backup recorder. Auto-rec when it receives power. L/R from the recorder. The problem is, I'm not using Tentacle boxes for sync.
  18. Yeah, it's a shame it doesn't have a simple record button or stereo input.
  19. Stingray Junior any day. Not as stiff as the Orca and not a sloppy tortilla like the portabraces. Room for all the stuff you mentioned, plus some more.
  20. This is common when recording isos postfade.
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