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  1. resoNate3973

    600Mhz question

    The Duplex Gap is actually in Block 25, not 24. So you should be fine keeping the IFB in that range. The only sketchy thing is the power output, but I dunno how they will enforce the 20mw rule?
  2. resoNate3973

    The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    I may have to steal this one!
  3. resoNate3973

    The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    How did you deal with Meta data at this point? Just take 1,2,3 ... or did you and the AC still figure out a system regardless of the slate? This happened to me the other day and I was like hmm okay so well just wing it.
  4. resoNate3973

    mkh 50 and zaxcom trx 742 problem

    agreed, when I use my TRX900 w STA100 for hops in BLK20 I get a layer of interference on my BLK 22 lectro RXs... weird.
  5. resoNate3973

    Favorite Slate

    very nice. yes, good to know don't be throwin' out freebies to start! To this point: YES. They have discontinued this product. I recently emailed Timecode Systems about some compatibility stuff, and they disclosed that there is limited stock remaining. I then emailed Denecke to see if they are working on anything new in the near future before I go with a Betso system, but they have yet to respond... what do you guys think about the Betso system? not as $$$ as Ambient, not as cheap as TCS, but very innovative and functional it seems. ah yes, I have a lot of experience in the 550-650range, but haven't done any commercial 700-800$ gigs yet, so I wouldn't even know to charge that. I assume that's excluding gear, but are you using a cart setup on those shoots or it just depends? As far as reality, yes I know a couple companies who charge that and won't budge on the rate...
  6. resoNate3973

    Favorite Slate

    good to know! Thanks for the input. Yeah maybe round down for the package rate or something. And i like your logic with the weekly deals over 3 weeks. Will definitely start incorporating some of this. I was doing a 250 base, but recently had a crew come in offering 300 and I was like... hmm YES! What are you guys in NYC normally charging for labor? 650/12hr?
  7. resoNate3973

    Favorite Slate

    - Ah see I charge 50$ a day per thing for everything BUT timecode boxes, most of clients I think expect that to be included... I even had a producer complain to me about another mixer who charged a la carte for the slate. (this was a corporate gig) She thought it should be included, but not everyone wants a slate so you could lose a gig if your standard gear rate is too high because of all these included goodies. I prefer a la carte as well. And overall, I'm in the ballpark I think. Thanks for the input! Yeah sometimes people expect stuff to be included... but I try to charge a la carte as much as possible to keep things organized. What kinda of stuff do you include in your rate and ~ what does that make your standard kit rate? Of course I would never undercut people to steal clients - I'm in the business of getting paid! I networked with some locals and actually helped them get paid more by telling about the a la carte (not all in) fee system.
  8. resoNate3973

    Zoom F8n.

    ^^ Having those bells and whistles would be nice, but I find I'm almost never using any of that stuff, and don't have many issues changing batteries or booting quickly, and rarely am I recording over 48khz (plus I have the zoom for that if needed)... Tho the automix would be really nice, and allows you to not have to pot down people left and right. I guess just try it and see right! haha.
  9. resoNate3973

    Zoom F8n.

    Very good call daniel! I have my eye on a 633 and I think I'm going to pull the trigger until I consistently need the extra channels, and like you said I can always rent until its a common thing. Thanks for the input! Nate very cool to see it in action!
  10. resoNate3973

    Favorite Slate

    good to know! Also, how do you charge for your slate? I'm pretty new to the slate game, and want to make sure I charge correctly! Thanks, Nate
  11. resoNate3973

    New TC Slate from Denecke/Timecode Buddy

    LMAO. Honestly "Sound by: ____" would be priceless.
  12. resoNate3973

    Zoom F8n.

    Thanks for your input IronFilm! I'm right there with you. I can't justify a 688 purchase because of the crazy price... I already have the updated Zoom F8, but have been planning for a while to upgrade to an SD and use the Zoom as a backup - so technically if I needed to do over 48khz or ambisonics recording i could bring along the Zoom. But I just can't decide between the 633 features that you mentioned (automix, compactness) over the expandability of the 664 to utilize 12 channels... I don't even have 8 channels of wireless right now... but I figure it might be smart to buy something I can grow into... or just go with 633 and sell it when i actually need a larger mixer. hmm. indecision is a bitch.
  13. resoNate3973

    Zoom F8n.

    Thanks for the quick response, yeah, that's the kicker isn't it. I do a lot of reality... but what exactly do you mean it'll pay for itself? Are people charging for Dugan automix? I'll probably hold out for a used (or new) 688 then. I figure Automix, and the mini faders, would make the 688 worth it.
  14. resoNate3973

    Zoom F8n.

    A bit random, but it how would you consider a 664 vs a 688? You seem like you'd have an opinion about this matter, and I'm trying to make a decision between the two vs. price point (nearly 2 to 1 with a used 664). Thanks.
  15. resoNate3973

    The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    How much do you typically charge for a slate rental? Trying to decide if it's worth the buy since a lot of productions I've been working on don't call for one.