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  1. Patrick, Would it be possible to adapt this version of the bracket for use in a "rigid divider frame style" ORCA bag for running the M2D2 in a vertical orientation?
  2. Patrick thanks for the photos! Can you tell me where you purchased the camera bracket for the M2D2?
  3. Any update on a potential release date?
  4. Any updates on this topic in 2019?
  5. I'm looking forward to the release of the SX-M2D2.
  6. Has the 6060 began shipping yet?
  7. Very interesting report. I have a 4Minx and I never noticed that tone with my unit. It has been awhile since I last used the 4Minx so I will have to test it to see if I get the same tone that you did.
  8. I wonder if the ability to adjust the gain on the Mix Pre's using the Wingman app will become an added feature in the next firmware update?
  9. Does anyone have any likes / dislikes to report for the SPDR? How easy is it to adjust the gain for analog recording?
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