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  1. Good idea. I could use a wisycom, at least I would have it to hand.
  2. Thanks everyone. Lancashire I didn't know this! I'm using a mini jack to 3 pin mini XLR as the RX output due to it being connected to a line input on my 633
  3. I think I've got the jist of the matter. But if he's around that would be beneficial.
  4. Sadly this is the case, and not for the first time has this happened. Thanks for all the help. Has any one used the EM 2050 Sennheiser stereo rack? Would you know if my G3 hand held mics are compatible? I really like the idea of the built in active splitter to be used in the future when I can get a better budget and buy active antennas. Another question please, passive antenna paddles, How do they improve RF signal pick up? I understand antenna seperation is beneficial but is it also the area size of the paddle that is also beneficial? As by principal there is obviously no amplification being Passive
  5. Hi, first post and happy to be here. I need some advice. I've got a live event coming up which needs recording. It's hosted in a relatively small/ medium sized room with around 60 guests and 3 speakers with a Q&A. I planned to work in the bag with 3 wisycom kits and two hand held mics which are sennheiser G3 body pack type TX And RX I've used the same rig before a few times. The wisycom in channel 38 have always been rock solid where as the G3 kit has been a bit crap really. Firstly scanning for a free frequency, one of the the G3 receivers actually recommends that I use the same frequency the other G3 RX is on! I don't trust them, it's a live show so I can't really have them fail on me which they seem to be doing from the occasional bursts of static to pops and drop outs depending on which angle the rx is at. I know the diversity and range is not great on these body packs but what makes the wisycom so stable over them? I'm looking to sell the G3 RXs and perhaps keep the hand held tx mics. After buying my 633 mixer, 4 channels of wisycom and lav mics it's left me a bit poor and although I'd like to buy a venue rack or wisycom stereo rack I just can't afford it at the moment. This is where I need some advice. Given I've got the hand held mics would two G3 500 racks be considered an upgrade in terms of stability and intermod resistance etc over the body worn G3 rx units?... the diversity system I've been told is better at work on the racks with the standard antennas. Buying the 500 units would in turn allow me to also eventually get some passive paddles and have my antennas off the ground for better line of sight too, would this also help fend off rougue issues from laptops and mobile phones in the room messing the receivers? My room range runs are not so long that I would need active antennas but I like the idea of Betso panels with their plus and minus amping, I presume a good fit for both long and shorter range. Is this making sense or am I throwing money away on a non suitable upgrade and I should just save up for a venue rack or similar which has better diversity and filtering etc. Any help would be appreciated
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