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  1. Last September I was hired by a LA company; Beverly Boy Productions to work on an Industrial film for Roku. Roku had rented out an entire high end resort in Santa Fe NM where I live. Beverly Boy hired the crew and made the deals via their producer. Since I didn’t work much last year I was glad to have the job. I should have been more careful when the producer said if it was OK that Beverly Boy paid in 30 days. They didn’t pay. I did not have or did I ask for a deal memo. Beverly Boy has a good rep and has done many productions. I did have emails, text messages and a call sheet with my name on it and the producers contact numbers. I waited for a month after the 30 days to start contacting Beverly Boy for payment and was told at least three times that I would be paid before the Holidays. That came and went then it was next and next week again. They not only didn’t pay me but the entire local crew got stiffed. One crew member has filed in small claims court in NM and has since discovered that Beverly Boy has not paid many crews on other productions and a Lawyer has been hired to file a Class Action Lawsuit against them. I’m not a lawyer but this is fraud. Not only that they crossed state lines to commit this fraud but to my understanding that makes it racketeering. To my stupefaction they sent me a 1099 for the payment I did not receive. It would seem that they want to claim my none payment on their taxes possibly as a business deduction. It seems obvious now that the owner of the company Kael Beverly had no intention of paying the crew for the job. I don’t know if his producers got paid. You can look him and his company up online. I’ve been doing this a long time and this is the first time I have been ripped off so blatantly. This is a high profile company working for a huge company, this had to be planned by a real swindler. Hope it doesn’t happen to you.
  2. Has anyone heard of the TinySA Spectrum Analyazer? Here is the listing on Amazon; https://www.amazon.com/Portable-TinySA-Spectrum-Frequency-Generator/dp/B08FB5XT7B/ref=asc_df_B08FB5XT7B/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=459686315507&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=13592882474907119833&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9012391&hvtargid=pla-963464041908&psc=1&mcid=e3f189c5e2b63d8b92a3dc0d1e2f2bfd&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4rn51b-mhAMVT6JaBR348ggaEAQYASABEgJDn_D_BwE
  3. Beautiful should be a gift to mixers with 30 + years experience
  4. 480sound


    Thank you MIx for your Sound for Film and TV online event. Several of the production mixers mentioned extensive use earwigs. It sounded like they had a bushel of the things. Enough to cover a whole orchestra or dance troupe. (It sounded like this will be the next wave sound reinforcement for directors to be able to be inside the actors heads). I used to carry 6 of the Phonaks but now I'm down to just 3. Does any one know what the preferred replacements are? I heard there is a range extender for the Roger system that makes them useable, (but still a sizable investment). Is anyone using the Blue Tooth ones? Thanx David B
  5. I knew him, liked him, and as already said he was generous, kind and helpful to everyone who came into his shop. I went there the first week he was open. I still have a T-Shirt. He came along at exactly the right time. As I remember it he started Coffey Sound because he got side ways over equipment with the old Location Sound (was that Professional Sound) and had to open his shop to supply himself and friends. The competition with LSC helped bring many new things to the community. My condolences to his family. He deserves a Headphone marker on the Sound Mixers walk of fame.
  6. Richard H. Topham, 68, of Long Branch, died Friday, August 18th at Monmouth Medical Center. Rich was born in Augusta, GA. He graduated from Methacton High School and spent time in Long Branch shortly after. He married the love of his life Arlene Topham who he met in California, and they went on to raise four children in his grandfather's home on Kingsley. For over 20 years he owned and operated Professional Sound Services, New York. He was known to help many professionals in the TV/Film world start their Sound career and service their equipment. He later retired in 2016, where he spent most of his time at the Poconos cabin, deep sea fishing in Mexico and tanning in Hawaii. Rich enjoyed storytelling, skeet and trap shooting, gardening, fishing, reading and traveling the world. Most of all, he loved his wife and family, and was an adventurous father and grandfather. He will be sincerely missed by all who knew him. Rich is predeceased by his late wife Arlene Topham; he is survived by his four loving children Lauren Malapit and her husband Earl of HI, Justine Groeger of Long Branch, Kathleen Topham of Brooklyn, and Richard Topham III and his wife Fallon of Hazlet; sisters Debbie Martel of CA and Ruthann Morrison and her husband Mike of TX; his brother Martin Topham of CA; and grandchildren Jack and Max Groeger, Anela Malapit, and Meryn Topham. Richard has requested no official service or funeral. To share a favorite memory or send a message of condolence to Richard’s family, please visit his tribute page at www.woolleyboglioli.com.
  7. App as in iPhone iPad App What Time Card apps (as in iPhone iPad) are you using?
  8. SoundWalkers I'll be teaching a seminar for Local 480 members looking to get into the Sound Department Do you have suggestions for Apps that might be good to have for new Utilities? I have LectroRM, Wingman, FreqFinder
  9. Who has had experience with 3rd party mixers (control surfaces) with Sound Devices recorders? Like the Icon ?
  10. I'm looking for suggestions about how to handle multiple, (3) actors in full body robot like costumes. They need to have full duplex coms with each other and the director. The production said do you have comteks for the actors. Yes, but do you understand that the actors own dialogue need to be iso'd (is that a word) from their comtek feed otherwise it will feed back to them and cause a distracting echo that will likely be too much for their own intelligibility. Another problem is the 2 way coms I'm familiar with like the HME systems that the camera departments use; have a large headset and boom mics which probably wouldn't work in a full body enclosed costume. Any other 2 way coms that would require a "Push To Talk" are obviously out of the question because the actors can't physically do it. I have easily done 2 way phone conversations with 2 separate comtek transmitters and a mix minus on the actors iso outputs. I have 3 comtek transmitters and 4 Lectro IFB's which I could conceivably make into 3 separate actor feeds and still have IFB's for everybody else; like the director, the crowd (which I call the Video Village audience) the booming and utility and maybe camera department (which could be operators and assistants), still need to take care of AD's and possible effects crew and PA's. There sure are a lot of crew out there that need to follow along. Any of your suggestions and observations would be appreciated. Say a prayer for us here in New Mexico this year it our turn for our state to burn.
  11. I know this may have been covered many times before; but is there a definitive source for the term MOS? "Mit Out Sound" isn't a german phrase and "minus optical track" doesn't make any sense.
  12. The Medical Industry makes a Universal Adhesive Remover called Remove by Smith & Nephew available at Amazon will take glue off of anything.
  13. Big film headed your way "Killers of the Flower Moon" look it up and get on it.
  14. I have mic'd many helmets and found that any mic near the mouth or even in any area below the eye line can lead to trouble. I have had the best luck and most natural sound putting a cos-11 in the top forehead area near the brim of the helmet. This goes for all helmets sports, military, construction and space. This seems to open the mic up like any overhead or boom mic. Lower down can lead to all kinds of sound anomalies, proximitiy effects, overloading and other problems. The main problem would be if you can't hide the mic lead. I have also put the whole transmitter in the helmet to avoid that.
  15. Does anyone know if Films are still "Bonded" In other words is there an Insurance Policy taken out on a Production to cover the Investors if the film can not be completed? Do studios (like Netflix) self Insure. I know Actors need to have Physicals before they start shooting and are Insured by some companies. In the Insurance Industry there is a person called an Actuary who analysis the risk taken by an Insurance policy. Anybody know anyone in the Film Insurance business who has heard if this is still happening for films? Or is it all about just following the Virus Guidelines and we all go back to work?
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