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  1. I do not know a way currently to do that, but I will try to find out something. I looked in the manuals for the RMS2020 system, and there I didn't see any statements at all about what the reciever units would draw. Nothing about that in the 2040's manual either if I am right. I've noticed what you say about the higher efficiency at higher voltage and lower amperage, and it's clearly interesting. However, the manual states that the MXIR's maximum allowed voltage is 12v, so I don't think I would like to push it higher than that. If all of them would have been CXIR's it would be of interest to go up higher in voltage though. Maybe I'll drop a mail to Audio Limited to hear what they have to say about this. Will se if I can measure them, and then come back with some results. /Anders
  2. Hi Martin! The only source I've got is the manual for them, which gives me those numbers. However, maybe it would be an idea to measure the draw in some way if it's possible, to see if the draw is anywhere near what the manual says. The MXIR can be powered by a 9v battery as well, but I want to get away from changing batteries from time to time, at least on the reciever side. Thanks, Anders
  3. Hi! I have three wireless systems from Audio Limited Envoy series that supports external powering. The thing is that two of the recievers are CXIR and supports power between 7-18 volts, and one MXIR that only supports 7-12 volts. The current draw is 55-150mah from the recievers. I am looking for a solution to externally power all the three from one battery. I have looked at some NP style 11.1 volt batteries, as well as Li-on batterys such as the Inspired Energy ones. I've also looked at the 14.4 volts NP style batteries, but then I have to step down the 14.4 volts to 12 in a way that still makes the battery happy. Have looked into some RC NiMH packs as well but I miss the indicator feature of those. I have all the cables for this, but I would love to get some advice of how to do this in a good and safe way. Thanks.