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  1. Allen Rowand

    time code box

    Take the Mini version and backmount it on a slate…
  2. Allen Rowand

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    They would be, but SD is only supporting four specific surfaces. I wish they would support a generic MIDI mapping as well: for example, send volume CC messages per-channel to control the faders, etc.
  3. You're right; I have the original BMPCC and don't even think about using the built in mic.
  4. Someday… I wonder if it's possible to build a split cable for a Tentacle to run TC into the 3.5mm input and the scratch audio mic into the TA3 in. If anyone would care to get me a Pocket 4K and a Tentacle I'd be happy to report back!
  5. Allen Rowand

    Favorite PA Demo Songs?

    I worked with a sound designer that would only tune systems with a particular Tori Amos album. I remember having to run out and buy another copy when he'd forget it at home on multiple occasions. This was before lossless audio files were a thing. Another one looped the acapella version of Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega to tune vocal systems. Like, for an hour. Do do doo do, do do doo do… Thanks to another FOH engineer I can't hear Dido ever again. On my last tour we negotiated split dinners- I don't need to annoy the crew with my music and pink noise, and I don't need people running power tools while I'm analyzing a transfer function of the room.
  6. Allen Rowand

    NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    I agree, using an app (iOS and Android, please) to confirm what the TC device is doing isn't a big deal. I use my old Nexus 6 phablet for Wingman and GoPro control so I always have that handy. Lives on an articulated arm attached to my camera. My car doesn't have window cranks, but my daily carry pocket knife has a glass breaking spike… guess I'm good in case I wind up in the Pacific!
  7. Allen Rowand

    NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    You might want to try something like this: https://www.amazon.com/PortaPow-3rd-Gen-Data-Blocker/dp/B00QRRZ2QM It blocks the data lines but passes power, so the camera shouldn't see it.
  8. Allen Rowand

    Should I L&D this wire?

    They broke it, they should buy it. I know that may not happen but if talent is handling your gear and it gets broken then production should make you whole. Glad it wasn't too costly.
  9. Allen Rowand

    Should I L&D this wire?

    Here's how I would handle it: Did something happen on site that was negligence on someone else's part to damage the mic, or did it just stop working properly? If someone besides you broke it, production should cover it. If not, eat it. Look at it as an opportunity to get one of those super skinny DPAs… That's my $.02, which may have a lower real world value.
  10. Allen Rowand

    cycling to work

    I almost considered building one from a Burley Travoy: https://burley.com/product/travoy/ but I couldn't find a cheap used one to modify. I have one and it's a fantastic little trailer. Perfect for going to the farmer's market, since you can unhook it from the bike and use it as a shopping cart.
  11. Allen Rowand

    3d printed XLR caps, RX mount, and mic cases

    I've uploaded two new variants to Thingiverse; same basic cap, but the cable exits the top of the XLR instead of the bottom. More options for better cable management…
  12. Allen Rowand

    MixPre 6/LANC remote control project

    This will probably be the last update for a while, because at this point I think it's done. I designed and built mounts for the record button. The mount is designed for the record button to slide in and be held by friction. One for the tripod head: And one for my shoulder rig: If I'm handheld running audio into the camera I can still use the remote to start and stop the camera without the MixPre. If I'm shooting handheld and carrying my bag then I can start and stop the camera and MixPre with one touch, and without having to move my hand from the shoulder rig grip.
  13. Allen Rowand

    MixPre 6/LANC remote control project

    Thanks! It's been a fun project. I made some changes today; I wanted to lay the controller down in the bag so it took up less space where I put my receivers, but that meant not being able to reach the power switch. Designed what's probably my most complex 3D printed item yet: And voilà: Remote power switch, with a three color LED for power, low battery, and charging. It hangs in the bag on a strip of one-wrap: Next up is making a proper mount to hold the record button on my pan arm and shoulder rig.
  14. Allen Rowand

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Video of Paul Issacs at IBC talking about v3, and he drops a major bit of news- MixPre is getting preroll! 10 seconds on the MP10, 5 seconds on MP6 and 3. Also details Ambisonic and fader support. Need to click through, can't embed the video: https://vimeo.com/290032752
  15. Allen Rowand

    iZotope RX 7 tease

    I thank you, my wallet is a little grumpy. I downloaded the RX 7 Advanced trial and pulled a couple of old takes that had issues, and was really impressed with what I could do with 7 Advanced. Authorizing now…