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  1. Allen Rowand


    Looks like a paw print; Stereo Canine Digital Recorder?
  2. Allen Rowand

    DIY RX Emergency Two

    Your rig sounds pretty sweet! I originally picked up the 302 for wireless booming, but I think it'll mostly be a submixer and (may I never have to use it this way) drop dead backup mixer. Great investment for $350! Guy I bought it from upgraded to a MixPre 6 from the 302 and a Zoom H4 and "didn't need it anymore."
  3. Allen Rowand

    DIY RX Emergency Two

    Thanks! I really enjoy building problem solvers. I just built an RF remote for my partner's video switcher so he can cut to cameras from anywhere in the room, based on an Arduino acting as a USB keyboard emulator.
  4. Allen Rowand

    DIY RX Emergency Two

    I want an RX Emergency Two to use with my 302, but can't justify the $200 cost. I looked at the tech notes from Sound Devices about connecting to the mix in, but don't know how a variable resistor will interact with the resistor network they recommend. I decided to compromise and build inputs that would connect to the camera returns; this way my controls are "faders" and the trims on the 302 are "gains". Plus I can change the channel 4/5 signal routing in the 302 and not have to add external switches. The box is incredibly simple; Neutrik combo XLR/TRS input jacks, Bournes 10k log taper pots, and a 3.5mm output: Works great, and I think it cost $40 and 90 minutes of work!
  5. Allen Rowand

    Are Sennheiser HD 26s worth the price?

    So far I like them. HD25s now live in my tool bag for more bash-prone jobs. The jack doesn't bother me, if it does I'll put a new one on. Don't think I'll need to touch the limiter switch again.
  6. Allen Rowand

    View From The Office:

    Not much of a view, but it pays. Livestreaming a meeting of the Oregon Dept. of Education- mixing for the livestream, recording for the archival video, feeding audio to the live captioning service and checking the video stream in realtime.
  7. Allen Rowand

    Are Sennheiser HD 26s worth the price?

    I picked up a set, I'll be using them on their first job tomorrow. So far I like them.
  8. Allen Rowand

    Are Sennheiser HD 26s worth the price?

    I'm thinking about getting new headphones- my HD 25-1s are somewhere around 15 years old and I don't have a spare pair. The HD 26s are interesting, but twice the price of HD 25s. I've never had cable issues with the 25s but I like the cable setup on the 26s. For anyone with experience with both, do you feel the sound and comfort of the 26 is worth the price premium over the 25? I'd obviously need to listen to them, but not if the higher price isn't worth it. I was also looking at the HD 300s but don't know if I want to switch to a circumaural design.
  9. The mini XLR (also known as a TA3) and standard XLR connectors have pins 2 and 3 in different positions, this is normal. The cable manufacturer said the cable is wired 1:1, so you're fine. Your cable is balanced and has the correct polarity.
  10. Allen Rowand

    Thank you Jeff Wexler for another year of jwsound !

    Jeff, thank you for this community- and thank you to everyone that helps make it a great place!
  11. Allen Rowand

    Sound Devices MixPre version 3.0 Now Released

    v3.02 just released: https://www.sounddevices.com/support/downloads: Last update December 21, 2018 Changes introduced in 3.02 include: Fixed Noise floor no longer increases when phantom power is turned on and off. MixPre no longer crashes when maximum note character limit (200 characters) is reached. Shortcuts menu remains visible after setting nanoKONTROL2 to anything other than gain pots. Ambisonics: binaural recordings now have proper spatial image. Ambisonics: binaural monitoring with FuMa is now spatially correct. L/R Gain no longer changes when a USB controller is connected.
  12. Allen Rowand

    Anyone used the Hawk Woods DV-SQNR Power Adaptor?

    That's the exact usage I'm asking about, looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
  13. Allen Rowand

    Sound Devices MixPre version 3.0 Now Released

    The advice to change the sample rate also could mean the the noise is being introduced in the A-D converter, not the mic pre proper.
  14. I have a number of L Mount batteries, looking for a solution to get a 12v output. Wondered if anyone as used this (or other) adapter plates.
  15. Allen Rowand

    Sound Devices MixPre version 3.0 Now Released

    New bug reported- L/R output level changes on boot if connected to a LaunchControl surface. Reported on MixPre 10, haven't heard if 3/6 are the same.