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  1. SD should look at the iLok model. The recorder is your "key" and you use an application on a connected computer to add or remove software licensing. Upgrading your mixer? Remove your license from the old mixer, add it to the new one. Transfer licenses between main and backup units if one has to go back to the mothership for service. For that matter, if you own a license you could add it to a rental unit, just remember to remove it before return.
  2. Yeah, kind of an ugly move. At least offer a discount for those that bought NoiseAssist recently.
  3. Techflex: https://www.redco.com/Flexo-PET-Techflex-Sleeving/
  4. Speaking for Harvest- not automatically. You could manually add the processing fee to the invoice, then have a note to the effect of "payment by cash or check will result in a 3% discount". The only issue here is that you then have to tweak the invoice after payment so that the amount of the invoice matches the amount paid. I eat the processing fee, then claim it as a business expense at tax time.
  5. In my experience, the 302 is built like a tank and very reliable. I bought mine second hand and there were a couple controls that were scratchy; I opened up the unit and cleaned them, they've been fine ever since. I wouldn't recommend doing the labor yourself unless you're very comfortable dealing with compact electronic circuits. Your best option would be to send it to Sound Devices for a checkup and overhaul.
  6. Seconded! I've been using Harvest very happily for years. While many here probably won't need the work timer feature (I use it constantly in my IT business) the ease of invoicing is great. Makes it simple to generate and attach expense reports, and will automatically send reminders when invoices are overdue. If you want to take payment via credit card it integrates with Stripe. The automated overdue reminders alone are worth the money to me: $12 a month for unlimited clients and projects.
  7. There are multiple reports (mostly on youtube) of a flaw in the input jack of the F2, where moving the lav plug even with the lock tightened will cause pops in the audio. Hopefully they'll sort it out soon, but maybe best to hold off if you're considering one. On the plus side, maybe by the time the hardware is stable they'll have actual docs on how to use them with timecode…
  8. Space considerations. There's no small form factor mixer that has the features I want (EQ, dynamics, automix) at a price point I can accept for low budget jobs. I can get those in a digital stagebox. This would also mean I could leave the 100' snake at home. What I really want in a mixer is along the line of a Yamaha O.5v. The QSC Touchmix 8 is close in size but doesn't have automix. I need something I can set and mostly forget while I'm running a camera. Thanks Rick. I may try and mock this up over the weekend. My jobs have been around 10 to 12 boundary mics, computer p
  9. I'm very familiar with AoIP and Dante. The challenge is that I don't want a digital mixer at FOH with nothing plugged into it other than headphones and main outs, while the inputs are plugged into a remote digital stagebox. I want the mixer itself in a stagebox form factor (which exists) but with the headphones and main outputs at FOH. The question here is really about running an analog headphone signal 100'.
  10. I'm kicking around ideas for a small livestreaming/corporate style rig and have been checking out the various "digital mixer in a stagebox" devices, like the Allen & Heath Qu-SB. Seems like a great idea to not have to run 100' snake in a conference room, but I can't figure out how to get the PFL signal from the stagebox to the mix position. Does anyone have a method for sending a stereo headphone signal 100 feet? Am I overthinking this? What I'd love to see is someone build a digital stagebox that connects to a small (eight-ish channel) control surface over Cat 6, w
  11. I got the casters from servicecaster: https://shop.servicecaster.com/5-Caster-with-Polyurethane-Wheel-p/scc-ts20s514-ppub-m1015-m.htm https://shop.servicecaster.com/5-Brake-Caster-with-Polyurethane-Wheel-p/scc-ts20s514-ppub-tlb-m1015-m.htm The small cart will fit a 1510 on the lower shelves, you have to finesse it a bit. But you're not going to be able to open the lid unless it's on top. I'd love to have something with larger wheels and more capacity, but at the end of the day it all still needs to go into my subcompact Fit.
  12. I've been really happy with my Olympia "utility" cart. I can throw the contents in the trunk of my Honda Fit, then fold the cart and slide it behind the front seats on the floor. Upgrading the casters to 5" made a world of difference in being able to go over rough/broken paving and sidewalks.
  13. Wishing everyone a happy holiday, and all the best for a happier and healthier 2021!
  14. HD 26 and RS-2 here! Got the 26s when I retired my 25s (after over 15 years) and splurged on a demo pair of Grados for home listening. The Apple headphones seemed interesting until I saw the price, almost did a spit take with my morning coffee.
  15. Talent was two women, so I was able to highpass more aggressively than usual. I'm sure the sound quality would have been unacceptable for any "real" job, but this was a volunteer gig to livestream a fundraiser where audibility was more important than audio quality.
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