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  1. I'd be happy to retest and send any logs you'd find helpful. I can also create a new test clip so that we know the expected TC value and have good levels. One wav file works as expected, the other wav and both video files fail. Getting the levels optimized id difficult, since neither device offers real level control.
  2. 6.0.7 still isn't working for me on any of my clips. My main machine is a Hackintosh but I get the same result on my MacBook Air. It definitely seems like the Hero 7 is doing some sort of jiggery-pokery with the audio in the video file that can't be defeated. This isn't critical; I was scheduled (and will hopefully be rescheduled) to do a two camera shoot and wanted to drop a GoPro onstage just to have another angle. If the client wants a third angle they can pay enough for me to warrant getting another camera or a SyncBac Pro, or I can shoot with my Hero 3. I appreciate you trying to get this to work. I'd be happy to continue if you'd find it helpful for your software, or to say "enough" and just not use the Hero 7.
  3. 6.0.6 isn't working on either of the video clips I sent.
  4. Hi @Bouke, Version 6.0.6 still isn't working on my video files. Audio works as before, but reports 25 FPS: Here's a link to the new files that haven't been touched other than to copy them from the SD card: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3sw2iki4hlwai2v/Hero 7 test 2.zip?dl=0 I'm working in Mac 10.15.3.
  5. LTC only, I've tried every processing level with mode set to stereo.
  6. Has anyone successfully run LTC into a GoPro Hero 7? It works with no issues on a Hero 3, but I can't get usable LTC to timecode on the 7. I've tried with Davinci Resolve as well as the demo of LTConvert. If I record raw audio on the Hero 7 LTConvert finds the correct timecode in the audio file, but not in the video file. I know about the Syncbac Pro, but I don't want to buy one because: I already have a couple UltraSync Ones. I don't need to shoot with a GoPro enough to warrant the expense. The Syncbac for the H7 only works with the H7; there's some issue why it won't work with the H8 and who knows if that will be resolved. It's not a huge deal, GoPro footage isn't really a thing for me. I was going to drop it on stage as a third shot for a job that didn't happen, and now I'm trying to spend some time prepping for when it gets rescheduled… someday.
  7. lPhone and lPod, running winkOs?
  8. Better safe than sorry. I found out last night that a shoot I've been planning for months has been cancelled; ironically, it's a panel discussion about healthcare and small businesses.
  9. Phantom power block? Edit: ninja'd by nickreich!
  10. It's toward the bottom of Solution-D mic pages. For example: https://en-de.neumann.com/kk-185-km-d
  11. Back with v3! I decided to go for a one piece design for simplicity and to free up space in my bag. Circuit design changes are: - Individual self-resetting polyfuses per output instead of a single master fuse - Switchable outputs so I can kill power to devices that automatically power on and eliminate vampire drain - One always on output for my recorder I could have made it a bit smaller, but I don't want it to be in "ship in a bottle" territory if I need to make changes. Thanks again to @henrirapp for the original inspiration!
  12. And… done: I have a shoot next month where I'll be pulling direct outs from the house console, this snake will come in handy.
  13. For what it's worth I've been using the SanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I cards with no problems, in 32 and 64 GB sizes.
  14. I'm thinking about it, should have thought about it when I put in the first parts order!
  15. I've got a gig coming up where I'm going to use my NT-SF1 to record a music performance in surround and want to get some more distance between the mic and my bag. I reached out to Rode technical support and they were kind enough to give me the mic pinout, which is on a Neutrik 10 pin XLR. Much easier than beeping out the breakout cable I got my box o' parts from Redco today. 10 pin XLRs and a hunk of TGS-04: Done an hour later, checked out fine. Not the most difficult connectors I've worked on but took some planning to figure out the best connection order. Tested perfectly with the mic, now I have a nice 25' extension!
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