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  1. Sebastian made it into the Gotham Hound calendar! Silly? Yes. Also fun. I used an outtake from the photo session as the base for my avatar here and site logo.
  2. I should have used the <sarcasm> tag instead of a smiley… I think the placement is more than a bit absurd.
  3. A couple things: - Did you install the Mono package? Just checking… - The adduser command should contain your user name without brackets. Assuming you installed Ubuntu, when you're in the terminal your prompt should be "username@ubuntu:~$" or something close. Make sure you enter the username in the adduser command exactly as it appears in your terminal prompt. - "mono RFETouchLinux.exe" is a terminal command. Mono is a framework to let Linux run applications written for Microsoft .NET; the command is telling Mono to run RFETouchLinux.exe. Sorry if this is treading ground you've already covered.
  4. While I haven't seen a ton, I like the look of @Ze Frias's site: http://josefrias.com
  5. If you want to go G4, consider getting the EW512 set. They cover more frequencies than the EW100, come with the MKE-2 mic which is way better than what you get with the EW100, and the receiver has a headphone jack so that you can use it for a director feed in a pinch. Lots of people also like the Sony radios, which also have headphone outputs and better diversity. But if you can swing the money Lectros are great.
  6. I'd rather have a Bollinger:
  7. I use Redco TGS-1 inside the bag and quad outside. No issues yet…
  8. I'm hoping that Timecode Systems offering a free SDK will encourage more adoption by other manufacturers.
  9. Not sure what I think yet… https://www.timecodesystems.com/atomos-acquires-timecode-systems/
  10. Manual says eight tracks at 192kHz, try leaving out the L/R mix in the Rec settings. Also need to turn off advanced limiting and automix. I'll give it a go later if I have time.
  11. Allen Rowand

    SD Remote

    There are still Android tablets?!? After my NVIDIA Shield K1 was EOL'd I gave up on them. I switched to an iPad to use with the F8n and hate it (the iPad, that is). For the record my Pixel 3 on Android 10 is also incompatible with SD Remote.
  12. The 500 series and higher have a headphone output on the receiver.
  13. Hi Janik, I store my filament in a plastic container with a reusable silica dessicant like this: I throw my filament in the oven at 70-80C for about four hours to dry it. I only bake the filament if I have problems printing. I don't use PETG that often, PLA normally does what I need. I recently printed roof panels form my friend's little library in PETG, since it will be outdoors: It was somewhere around 36 hours of print time!
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