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  1. I think at that price point most people are probably using the Oktava MK-012. The next step up would be something like the Audix SCX1-HC or similar. It seems like used prices on the Audix are close to the price of the Oktava new; a lot of people have said handling noise on the Oktava can be a challenge. I get where you're coming from- I use a vintage AKG 451 with a CK-3 hypercardioid capsule for indoor booming and the CK-8 for outdoor. Not the best but it works, I'll upgrade when/if the self noise becomes an issue.
  2. Started doing something similar for a podcast I'm recording, where my co-host is calling in while I'm onsite with the guest. Picked up a used JK Audio Daptor 2 and set up a mix minus on a main out of my F8n, while the sub out feeds a headphone distro. Since I've never had a chance to use a 633: are the mixes fully independent? On the F8n I can route the L/R mix or a selection of channels pre or post fader, but the fader level is the same on every output. Didn't know if the 6 or 8 series has multiple mix busses with independent level per bus. Just curious.
  3. Agreed, although it's a shame they're out of production (and some used prices are ridiculous).
  4. @soundmanjohn, glad to see you're getting along with the Ender 3! @tourtelot, let me know if you need something printed. Happy to help you out if I can.
  5. Seems like they're working on it: https://www.newsshooter.com/2021/03/02/rode-wireless-go-ii-export-issue-new-firmware/
  6. I'm watching a series called Counterpart and in one scene they were using a number of field recorders as props; I saw an older Cantar, what looked like a Tascam DR-70, and a couple others. One of my favorites was in an episode of Law and Order where a 911 operator was adjusting the call quality on a Furman…
  7. The search that worked for me was "HDMI audio embedder". There's a number of questionable devices on Amazon, some better options here: https://audio-video-supply.markertek.com/broadcasting/Hdmi-Audio-Embedder
  8. It's still going strong and being updated and enhanced. It can either record locally (with no audio monitoring) or transmit via Bluetooth to a phone where the audio can be monitored and the audio is recorded to the phone; you can't record locally and monitor remotely. It has no I/O onboard, so no patching it to a TX. They're great for what they are but I don't think they're terribly useful for most folks here other than a plant or "hail mary" mic. I'm hoping they release another version with 32 bit recording, since that would help mitigate the lack of monitoring.
  9. Separating audiophiles from their money.
  10. Now maybe the DIT can handle the new task of IT infrastructure support, ensuring all departments have adequate bandwith to upload and view. Maybe they'll also get to wrangle PINs for every device that needs to connect to the service… lucky them. "Camera 3 can't connect to the network!"
  11. Both seem to be fairly abandoned. Metacorder site still mentions OS 10.3, the newer Gallery site at gallery.co.uk doesn't even mention it as a product. Boomrecorder at least talks about known issues on 10.14, but their Discord server (I guess that's how they interact with customers) hasn't seen much activity in quite a while.
  12. I don't have any direct experience, but Michael Wynne did a pretty good comparison here:
  13. It's still there, I think the original link had a typo (third "C" in "accCused": https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/subway-accused-selling-fake-tuna-footlong-fraud-lawsuit
  14. SD should look at the iLok model. The recorder is your "key" and you use an application on a connected computer to add or remove software licensing. Upgrading your mixer? Remove your license from the old mixer, add it to the new one. Transfer licenses between main and backup units if one has to go back to the mothership for service. For that matter, if you own a license you could add it to a rental unit, just remember to remove it before return.
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