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  1. I just pulled the trigger on some B3s to replace my very used MKE-2s, as in "used on Broadway and then retired" kinda used. Looking forward to minty fresh mics! For the gigs I'm doing the B3s should be fine at half the cost of the COS-11d.
  2. Steve Saada (boom op on House of Cards) talked about this on the Location Sound podcast: http://locationsoundpodcast.libsyn.com/033-steve-saada-boom-op-and-production-sound-mixer-based-out-of-the-baltimoredc-area-and-has-worked-on-house-of-cards-and-veep If you haven't listened to the podcast, it's an interview show featuring relatively new folks as well as veterans. I usually find something interesting in every episode.
  3. One of the great things about this mod is you can use right angle SMA adapters to keep the antenna vertical when you mount the receiver in a camera's cold shoe.
  4. I'm no LarryF, but I think you're fine as long as you keep the lead from the SMA to the board reasonably short. I used a scrap of thin 50 ohm coaxial cable. I cut the center conductor free from the outer jacket and shield; you can see it in my post in this thread, #104. As Derek H pointed out, it doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just make sure the antennal lead can't short to ground.
  5. I wound up going the less expensive route and picked up a Talentcell pack for the time being. Almost all the work I'm doing is indoors where I can plug in, and I use the battery as a backup in case something stupid happens to the AC. I 3d printed a switch cover and haven't had any issues. When I get more "real" bag work I'll invest in a proper solution, but for now it does the trick.
  6. It was cool until the 19ms latency part. I get why it's there but it's a bit of a drag.
  7. Allen Rowand


    Looks like a paw print; Stereo Canine Digital Recorder?
  8. Your rig sounds pretty sweet! I originally picked up the 302 for wireless booming, but I think it'll mostly be a submixer and (may I never have to use it this way) drop dead backup mixer. Great investment for $350! Guy I bought it from upgraded to a MixPre 6 from the 302 and a Zoom H4 and "didn't need it anymore."
  9. Thanks! I really enjoy building problem solvers. I just built an RF remote for my partner's video switcher so he can cut to cameras from anywhere in the room, based on an Arduino acting as a USB keyboard emulator.
  10. I want an RX Emergency Two to use with my 302, but can't justify the $200 cost. I looked at the tech notes from Sound Devices about connecting to the mix in, but don't know how a variable resistor will interact with the resistor network they recommend. I decided to compromise and build inputs that would connect to the camera returns; this way my controls are "faders" and the trims on the 302 are "gains". Plus I can change the channel 4/5 signal routing in the 302 and not have to add external switches. The box is incredibly simple; Neutrik combo XLR/TRS input jacks, Bournes 10k log taper pots, and a 3.5mm output: Works great, and I think it cost $40 and 90 minutes of work!
  11. So far I like them. HD25s now live in my tool bag for more bash-prone jobs. The jack doesn't bother me, if it does I'll put a new one on. Don't think I'll need to touch the limiter switch again.
  12. Not much of a view, but it pays. Livestreaming a meeting of the Oregon Dept. of Education- mixing for the livestream, recording for the archival video, feeding audio to the live captioning service and checking the video stream in realtime.
  13. I picked up a set, I'll be using them on their first job tomorrow. So far I like them.
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