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  1. inkedotly

    Time code audio and video issue, any help appreciated

    The sound recording device that was used for the experiment (https://www.avisoft.com/usg/usg116h.htm) took the LTC as a digital input and recorded it to a separate channel on the wav file. The Horita TC generator outputted LTC on its RCA-out port which was hardwired via a splitter to both the Sound recording device and the video recording device. I am looking at the video file TC in Premiere pro, and the audio file in the specialized software that comes with the sound recording device. I need to have the correct time to correlate events in the video with sound events in the audio file, but don't necessarily need to align the tracks. I believe that in my case, it was actually the linear version that I was using since the LTC was recorded on a separate audio track in the video and audio files... This should mean that LTC recorded is independent of the video frame rate. To try to isolate the cause of the issue, I tried to count the relative frames advanced from time zero at the beginning of video vs. the frames advanced from time zero as determined by the SMPTE time code. There is zero drift when I compare the beginning and end of the video for relative vs. SMPTE. If the frame generation were drifting from the set frame rate, one would expect the time code to drift vs. the relative frames but that is not the case... Yet, there is definitely a drift over time between the video and audio files.
  2. inkedotly

    Time code audio and video issue, any help appreciated

    Thanks so much for your detailed explanation, Nick! If I am understanding correctly, the time code generator that I had (with its split output to the camera and microphone) is not really keeping these two devices in sync throughout a recording session, but rather only at the very beginning. Then, as the frames advance, the time code generator assigns an address to each frame but due to the fact that the clock that advances the frames in the camera drifts from that of the recorder, we see drift. This makes me curious as to what information is contained in the signal that the time code generator actually outputs and how the timecode assignment actually works? Since the TC generator output is split on a cable, both devices would be receiving the same exact information at any given moment in time.
  3. I have a video and sound file both with SMPTE time code. These were collected some time ago and cannot be re-collected. There was an LED that lit/sent a TTL pulse to the audio that allowed me to manually align the tracks, and I realized that there is a "drift" between the time code in the audio and video recordings. What can be the cause of this "drift"? What was done wrong in the setup? The recording setup consisted of a Horita time code generator (https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/23700-REG/Horita_TG50_TG_50_SMPTE_LTC_Reader.html) with its TC generated output split to an AJA recorder (https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/735435-REG/AJA_KI_PRO_MINI_R0_Ki_Pro_Mini_Compact.html) and the microphone. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.