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  1. StMarduk

    Sony UWP Wireless System

    Has anyone figured out how to update the firmware on these? I have firmware versions 1.007, 1.008, 1.009 and 1.010.
  2. StMarduk

    C-Stand Antenna range amplifier?

    Thanks for the insight! Here's a link to one article: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/brain-radio-transmitter-helps-unlock-cars-physicist-article-1.2020983 Here is the youtube version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Uqf71muwWc I will definitely look into getting my Sony UWP's modded! In the comments for that youtube video people are saying a quarter wave ground plane antenna affect is the real reason it amplifies the range, and if true this implies it's not just height and clearer line of sight.
  3. Mark Edward Lewis has a location sound class where he talks about using a mic stand or c-stand to act like a large antenna for a TX to extend it's range. He started off by mentioning how placing a key fob to your head extends the range of the clicker to your car. Through some googling this appears to be a real thing that does work. Some articles say any jug of water would do the same thing because of dielectric properties of water, although i'm not sure I want to keep water too close to my equipment. I know there are plenty of shark fin style antennas that can connect to your radios, but can anyone comment on the indie c-stand application for radios without removable antennas? Does the physics work? I don't see much use for it on the TX for narrative stuff, but would this also apply to placing RX from the cart on the c-stand? I get how height helps with transmission range, but I'm wondering more about the possible amplifying benefits of any tall metal pole if I place the RX or TX close to the center or bottom of a c-stand. Thanks for the help!