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    I’m a freelance audio engineer/producer/sound designer based in Malmö, Sweden. Check out www.rymdljud.com or follow me on Instagram :)

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  1. Mathias Schlegel

    Show me your bag

    Yeah it's quite comfortable and distributes the weight nicely on the back. It's the Orca OR-40 harness, I think I got it from Pinknoise in UK.
  2. Mathias Schlegel

    Show me your bag

    Thank you! Do you mean a picture of it in action? In case you are, here’s a picture from todays set
  3. Mathias Schlegel

    Show me your bag

    Since I've always found this thread very inspiring I thought I'd contribute with my latest bag setup 🙂
  4. Mathias Schlegel

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    Cool, thanks Jacob!
  5. Mathias Schlegel

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    Hi, I'm looking to invest in the R4+ and I'm in the middle of planning my kit to be. It will consist of the R4+, two Wisycom MCR42 and some IFB and so on. My question now and my Google-fu fails me with this one. Do anyone of you know if it would be possible to power the two receivers successfully by just using a Hirose split like this one http://www.hawkwoods.co.uk/Prods/Product/LA-18 going out from the R4+? Will the power be sufficient? I'll also use an external smart battery together wth the internal one. I will not be using the RC8+ but I know that's a good power distribution alternative as well.