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  1. The video is more fair than your comments. It looks like that you are just against the brand and that it is and you also speaking about chemicals thing that you don’t know and also you can’t prove. about the ripped off...just to refresh your mind, this is the consistency of URSA brand: - hush lav = Ursa fomie (much more bigger and we are suppose to hide the mic) - dpa concealer = Ursa mini mount (he just cut off the side parts but the lav hasn’t got the same stability inside the mini mount and this could create noise) - moleskin = Ursa tape - Rycote Overcover = Ursa furry with the same round shape No one has invented anything here! I am big fan of Soundfish of course (who doesn’t?) they are very pro and I love Viviana straps too. I post only about Viviana straps because it is so funny. You get crazy every time with out reason. Peace!
  2. Finally you can see a fair video that compare the fabric between the URSA straps and the Viviana straps. As you can see the fabric is not the same and I think that is great to have a slim and breathable strap that won’t let the liquid to get into the TX pouch rapidly as the URSA seems to do (in just 1 minute...) Great quality and innovation for Viviana straps. Made in Italy quality seems to be one step beyond once again. Best regards
  3. Hi mate! Finally there is a comparison between the two fabric and as you can see they are not the same. This is the real innovation and quality: a slim, breathable and soft strap that keep out the liquid from the tx as much as possible. Made in Italy quality seems to be one step beyond once again. Best regards
  4. I have got VIVIANA Straps and URSA straps and sincerely I have to say that velcro, grip on T model, seams and fabric of Viviana straps has got a better quality than URSA straps. Just try it, it is easy...
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