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  1. My only comment is that there shouldn’t be a decent sound mixer that will want to use your kit to augment their kit as we put a lot of thought, money, and preparation into how our kits work with each piece of gear complementing each other piece. If we don’t know how well the piece of gear is taken care of, if it has all the necessary accessories, and if it is within spec, we can’t guarantee a professional result with it and we won’t ruin our reputation using it.
  2. The appearance of having better suited gear for larger projects could lead to larger/better gigs. Also learning a machine that is a step up will help when the time comes to upgrade.
  3. Tell him to rent a higher level mixer/recorder for the shoot.
  4. I have and use something very similar. It works great! Make sure you’re using mic level.
  5. The 8 series can send a mix via usb to iPhone
  6. I’m going to stick to soap and water for lav cables, and alcohol wipes/spray for the rest. Theres too much speculation about uv-c at the moment to know how it’ll work on Covid-19.
  7. I’m going to be charging $10/wire. If I’m on an interview shoot with four separate interviewees and they don’t want to use a mic that was previously on someone, I then will add $40 to my invoice. Plus I’m also going to be using soap+water on the lavs to clean as opposed to anything harsh and then rub with olive oil.
  8. As Johnny said, select each channel (one at a time) and see if each one is at 0dB. If any are less, turn them up with the select knob.
  9. It’s a very simple fix. It’s a small circular watch battery. Pop the top off and replace. Maybe 5-10 minutes of work. You can find the battery at most stores. I think it’s a 2032.
  10. I usually use Lectrosonics A1 and block 25 with no problems.
  11. You can replace the internal battery. This should help the situation.
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