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  1. Turned out Pinknoise didn’t solder any resistor at all. I took Trey’s suggestion and soldered a 3.9k 1/8w resistor into it. Now it sounds great. Thank you all for the advice.
  2. I was wondering what’re SMQV users’ general level setting for DPA6061. I recently bought a 6061 from Pinknoise and asked it to be hardwired to TA5F. But I found it’s so sensitive that 15 appears to be my highest level on SMQV for normal dialogue. For any shouting, even 8 can lead the level meter on my Rx to reach the overmodulating sign(square sign). Is it normal? I’m very confused, considering 6061 is already the reduced-sens version of 6060, and I can’t help but doubt if the wiring is missing some necessary resistor.
  3. @Constantin Sorry, my question was bad. I think my real question is if it's possible for a 8-series unit to be linked to a 788t the way multiple 788s being "c.linked" together to not only record simultaneously but to share all the other recording functions, like pre-roll and false take, etc. Thanks.
  4. Was wondering if it's possible to link a 888(as the master) to a 788t for simutaneous recording. My 788t+CL8 is old but still very trusty. It's just that I've found in around 1 out of 4 projects of mine, I need more tracks, so am considering the most flexible option to expand my recorders. Of course I can purchase a used 788t at a cheap price. However, if a 888 can be linked to 788t, why not go for the new 8-series? My another option is Scorpio, but I'm reluctant to do so. Although $2,300 for 8 more channels is quite a bargain, it's not $230. Plus, I don't need so many tracks every day. Any suggestions?
  5. Has any CMIT user had experience with 4017C as the 2nd booming, particularly when the 2nd boom is for the crowd sound or when both booms are for characters talking in a noisy environment, like in the rain or a busy street. Do they match well? Are there gonna be any problem with mixing them in the post? Thanks
  6. @IronFilm I ended up with a used MM400C with a used countryman EMW for extreme situations, but thanks for the suggestion.
  7. @IronFilm Regarding to MM400C, is its 2.5mm TRS connector a special waterproof design or just a regular 2.5mm connector with screw lock? I checked Countryman's site, it seems a 3.3k resistor is required when rewiring the B6 for MM400C? Is any 3.3k resistor small enough to install? The M152/WP seems the easiest option in terms of wiring, but I've never listened to its quality. Do you think it'd be good enough for characters shouting in the rain?
  8. Wow! Thank you all for so many helpful tips! Some of them I've never heard of; some of them I've been thinking doing but wasn't sure and what you shared has given me so much confidence to try. I've ordered an Aquapak. It does look quite bulky on the pic. I'm not sure if the costume will always agree on that. But it's good to have in the arsenal, so if the director insists the talent to be soaked in a closer shot, I can put it on and rest assured that the Tx is well protected. A flag over the umbrella in static shots is a brilliant idea. Definitely will try it when it doesn't block the light. Is the flag you're talking about the velvet-like flag the lighting crew uses, right, @The Documentary Sound Guy? And thank you so much, @IronFilm, for bringing up Simon Hayes' talk. I just watched it. So inspiring! I'd like to paste the link here for people interested. From around 8:58 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbGpxsFDM74 Unfortunately, although MM400 or MM200 is quite affordable, it's still beyond the budget and it's unlikely the production will cover it. It's a shame. @VASI & @Fred Salles, thank you for bringing up the very crucial point for having great sound for film production - collaboration with other dept.! Rarely is the sound issue a technical issue of the sound dept. alone. And @Matthias Richter, your only advice is such an important reminder. It's easy to forget recording every possible rehearsal, when the mind is getting bogged down by noise from nowhere and technical issues on set. For these raining scenes, I can see the recording from the rehearsals can be life savers. Again, I feel so grateful. Thank you all!
  9. I'm preparing for a film with lots of emotional scenes set in the pouring rain, with sometimes characters talking under umbrellas, some other scenes in raincoats, and in some scenes the characters just getting drenched in the rain. One horrible thing in common for these raining scenes is that they're all filled with heavy and emotional dialogues. What's worse is that the protagonist is an amateurish kid, which means that ADR is the very last resort and will be almost impossible to get it right. I won't risk my Cmit-5U for the humidity, so I'm thinking of using 416 or CS-3e as my boom mic in a Rycote windshield and Remote Audio rain cover. However, the rain drops will be created by several water trucks, so the noise of the pumping motor can ruin the sound from the shotguns. Therefore, I think there's no way I drop the lavs at all. I don't have real waterproof lavs and Tx. The best I can do is to run either B6s or 6061s into SMQVs which will be wrapped in plastic wrap or unlubricated condoms and be secured in Viviana extreme waist straps. With all the aforementioned preparation, I'm still worried to death, even it's still 1 month before the shooting. Will the sound be anywhere close to useable? Will my gears be ruined? How can I reduce the noise of rain dropping onto the umbrella? How is the noise of the raincoat gonna ruin the lav sound, even I've already asked the wardrobe to choose thick Oxford fabric rather than those noisy light plastic one? How much pumping water noise is Izotope Rx able to reduce in the post? So much uncertainty makes me so nervous. And I find I really need some help before breaking down. Can anyone with similar experience share some tips with me? Really really appreciate any advice.
  10. Thanks for the info. I don't hear any clicks when the batt is supposed to be in the charging mode. Does it mean the relay is broken? Also, if mine also has a blown transistor, do you think it's easy to replace/fix it by myself?
  11. Hi, My old but reliable 788t stopped working with any Li-ion batteries I put in, no more power-drawing, no more power-charging. The circuit seems just dead. The batteries themselves all work fine on other devices. The unit still runs well with external V-mount batteries, but I just feel worried running it without a bridging power source as a protection. Has anyone had the same issue?
  12. Let's say the protagonist is in the toilet hearing his parents fight in the living room, and we're shooting in an actual apartment. When recording these wildtracks of the fighting on set, apart from the close miking(lavs on parents and booming), would you also set up a mic or even mics in the toilet for the reflection?
  13. I bought a pair of MC930s as my budget stereo set in the field for ambience recording. They sound great, but they frustrate me when it comes to RFI. I did the following demo and want to see if any MC930 owners are having the same issue or I just bought a defected pair. I pointed a MKH-50(running through a HM) and MC930s(cabled) towards roughly the same direction at a ceiling and record them simultaneously on my 788t. The MC930s captures RFI while MKH-50 is clean. All of the connectors are Neutrik-EMCs and cables are Canare star quad ones. MKH50: MC930: Then I disconnected the MKH50, and ran one of my MC930s wirelessly through the same route previously the MKH50 went. The RFI got worse. Unfortunately, I didn't record that part. So it makes sense to conclude the microphone itself is to blame, doesn't it? Have I bought a faulty pair? Or it's simply that the shield of MC930 is just far worse than a RF microphone and hence not suitable to be used in the field?
  14. One of my SMQVs produces swishing noise when the antenna is touched as shown in the attached video link. The noise stays there even I switch to another 411a and change to another antenna. I figure it's something to do with the ground of the SMQV. Has anyone ever had the same issue? Thanks. https://youtu.be/XjMwQf4SY3Y (I fed the audio signal straight from the 411A into the right channel of my GH5, so please bear with the high noise floor.)
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