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  1. Hi, I am sound recordist and boom operator from Prague - Czech Republic available to help you with your projects. I have years of experience from film industry, national and local televisions, commercials, live broadcasts, viral videos and more. I like to travel and I am looking for some new contacts. www.vacekh.com vacek.hon@gmail.com Thanks!
  2. VacekH

    External antenna for Sennheiser G2

    Hi Sisal, really nice work. Thinking about the same mod now. I have few questions. How did you connect the second antenna? Did you unconnect the wire going from the antenna output on the PCB to the Jack connector? Did you connect that unused wire on the Jack to the ground or where? Thanks much! :-)
  3. VacekH

    Repairing a COS 11

    Hi, awesome work! What kind of rubber or epoxy you are using to cover the connection? Thanks! Honza