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  1. Personally the form factor of the BP-TRX makes it a no go for me. Camera teams don't want a big box like that on the camera. If you often work with teams that don't care then I bet it's great but these days camera dept are used to things like the JB1 and Nano lockit, coming out with this big box is just unprofessional imo. I do like the product though.
  2. AlexG

    Best Lavs?

    As others have said, purchasing cos 11d's for your G3s will vastly improve the sound you capture. Upgrading the wireless units themselves will also provide an improvement, but in terms of large improvement for a lower cost, the cos 11 is a great place to start. A lot of the improvements you pay for from higher tier wireless are QoL, not just raw sound quality (although this is obviously a big factor).
  3. That makes sense. Any advantage of the Sennheiser IEMs other than stereo output?
  4. What do you use for the booms ifb comm?
  5. Definitely just this. DP probably shot in log like they always do, and passed it off to an inexperienced editor who didn't know what a LUT was.
  6. Gotcha, that makes sense.
  7. Yeah our model is fitted with a sync box, but the kit we have also comes with a comtek which as I understand it from reading through the manual, was to be used with a sync pulse coming out of a Nagra so you could keep it in sync wirelessly. Also thanks for the info on the frame anomaly, that's good to know!
  8. Okay cool thanks for the confirmation. Also yeah I've plan on renting a tentacle for the project as well.
  9. Hey everyone, quick question, I'm currently a student, planning an equipment list for my senior thesis and I'm curious about the current line of the Deneke slates, as opposed to the legacy models from years past. My school owens a fully operational Denecke Decode TS-1, which I've been using for a while to mixed success (not all of our cameras can shoot true 24), but I have it within my budget to include a newer model, like the TS-3 in my rental package. From what I can see reading about the newer models, not much as changed, but maybe there's something I'm missing as I've never actually put my hands on anything other than the TS-1? My question is pretty simple; am I gonna be missing out on anything other than drop frame options (not an issue as we can just shoot true 24 with the camera we're using)? I want to have as much experience with current equipment as I can before I graduate, but if there's little difference between the models I'll save the cash. Thanks
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