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  1. A thin rubber band would help you for the time being.
  2. We don't need rubber bands because if you set the headphone monitor setting to MS mode, the faders are forced to be disabled. I'm thinking of making a request to SD for fix this matter, so I've tried again to verify the MS-related behavior. In the process, I realized my misunderstanding about decoding to the LR bus, so I've revised my previous post. When the input setting is set to MS Link, it can be sent to the LR bus and record, but it is not possible to set each channel's gain individually. Note that you can monitor each channels solo if you create a suitable preset in the hea
  3. You're certainly right, but if you unlink them in the channel input settings and designate them as MS pairs in the headphone monitor settings, you can change the stereo width by adjusting the input trims on the individual channels.
  4. I agree. I think the 8 series has insufficient features related to MS recording. I personally do not need such a feature because I always manage the stereo width in post, but for some jobs, it may be needed. By the way, I think you don't need the feature to adjust the stereo width of monitoring sound. Isn't it enough to simply control the side channel gain as you mentioned about 6 series?
  5. I had the same problem when I tested with my Scorpio. I think this is a very inconvenient behavior for using MS microphones. In the meantime, if you set the monitor mode to any non-MS ones, you can listen to individual channels with both ears in PFL.
  6. You need to send SRb to Lectrosonics to update audio board because SRb originally doesn’t have Superslot function.
  7. I would like to report the conclusion of my mod. It works good! I cut out a microdot connector from MMP-G and attached new TA5 connector with 1K resistor. Then I compared the 4018/modded MMP-G/Lectro SM combo with 4018/MMP-C/Lectro HM, the former has a little bit louder noise but enough usable. By the way, I tested 2K, 0.75K and 0.5K resisters too, but they had terrible noise.
  8. Naga

    SD Remote

    I cannot find the App by search at Google Play Store. And when I try to download from direct link I cannot download due to the "Your Device Isn't Compatible With This Version" error. I tested mirrored APK but it did not work too.
  9. Naga

    SD Remote

    Anybody knows 8 inch tablet compatible with SD-Remote? I bought a cheap Android 8.1 tablet Dragon Touch Y80 to use SD-Remote but it was not compatible. So I requested the list of approved tablet to Sound Devices support, but they did not have such list. They said they can approve Galaxy Tab A 10.1 inch that is used for their tests. It is nice information, but I want to use is 8 inch one.
  10. I tried to use MMP-G and DAD3056 with Lectrosonics SM transmitter but they sounded very bad. So I asked DPA support whether can I use this combination in correct, then they said, "DAD3056 and Lectrosonic is a low volt system and using this setup with a G amp and 4018 capsule will not work – you simply don’t have enough power. Another adapter will not change the performance. " It's very sad announcement for me, but I found this thread at that time. According to Larry's advices, I think it might work correctly if I changed the 4k resistor to 1k one. How do you think about? I want an
  11. I’m using Feelworld D71. It has both SDI and HDMI input, 1280:800 panel, and the function to power on/ off separately.
  12. Try to set second SD card to record LR only and select it in finder.
  13. It can work good with 48V too. Don't worry! Sorry I can not compare to B-preamp because I don't have it, but when I compare the 4018C to my Mini CMIT, they have almost the same noise level.
  14. Ben, My 4018C had same issue and now it is fixed. It's caused by irregular Phantom power voltage of HM transmitter. It supplies 42V, not 48V. And, MMP-C can not work with 42V. I sent my MMP-C to DPA and they modified it to be able to work with HM transmitter. Now my 4018C works perfectly with HM and HMa.
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