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  1. Thanks for the video. Very informative. So it is secured because the crimp grips the shield. Not exactly Neutrik level of strain relief.
  2. Thanks! How does the screw work? Is it a cover for the top of the connector? So you solder from the top/ back of the connector? The picture doesn´t seem to show the interesting part of this connector.
  3. Looking for something like this, but more durable. https://www.elfadistrelec.no/no/bnc-kabelkontakt-vinklet-marushin-electric-mnc-579ls/p/14627691?pos=1&origPos=1&origPageSize=10&p=cat-L2D_379527~cat-L3D_525369~cat-DNAV_PL_041004&q=*&prodprice=45.0&isProductFamily=true&campaign=&track=true
  4. https://www.engadget.com/2018/08/02/sennheiser-memory-mic/ This is what I want for christmas. Zaxcom transmitters that record locally, then sync up to a nomad/maxx and fix all dropouts when the take is done over zaxnet.
  5. John. Sorry, I see now that was unclear. I actuallly could go about two metres further before the TRXs dropping out with the Lectronics antennas. Larry: Fantastic answer! Some of it is a bit over my head, since I do not have any theoretical knowledge of how radio transmission/reception works but I think I get the gist of it. Thanks!
  6. Thank you all who helped me understand this better! Seems like I should have researched more before I got them... As always. ;-) John: I see your point, but in my defense I did point out that I got a couple of metres more in range in the first post.
  7. Thanks for your reply!. Ok. I understand that the placement of the receiver and transmitter will affect the signal level. But this does not tell me what I´m doing wrong with the Lectronics antennas. Or if they simply work as intended, and I misunderstood what I was getting. I thought for sure they would boost the coverage compared to the antennas that come with the QRX200. If they don´t then I don´t really understand the point of these antennas. Becuase they sure make the bag more unwieldy.
  8. Bump... Anyone have some sage advice for me?
  9. Thanks for the help! Weird. I can hear a faint whisper of the timecode, but nothing else. I tried with another minijack to phono and phono to xlr cable + phono to bnc. Worked perfectly. So the ERX is ok. So I made one from scratch and that one works perfectly. There must be a break in the cable or plug I was using.
  10. Great thread! I am however struggling with the xlr. minijack tip goes to BNC tip minijack ring goes to xlr 2 minijack sleeve goes to ban sleeve, xlr 1 and 3 Am I doing it right? (I know, there is no phantom protection.)
  11. Sorry for the late reply. Martin: I got two cables BNC to SMA. Seems to be working fine. Karl: I am talking about the SNA600 which has BNC Glenn: The antennas have adjustable length and we tuned/adjusted the length to the area of frequencies we are using.
  12. Hi folks. New to the board here. Looking forward to alle I can learn here. I live in Oslo in Norway. I use exclusively Zaxcom for lavs, and the Nomad or a 633 for recorder. We have a couple of Lectronics antennas for a Zaxcom QRX200, and after comparing them to the standard antennas we get 1 pixel(!) better reception. I have to say I´m seriously underwhelmed. Are we doing something wrong, or is that as expected? The standard antennas give pretty good coverage, by all means, but sometimes you just wish for a few meters more when an actor is moving a away on a wide shot. (I know we can set the trxs to record, but this thread is about wireless range...) Anybody have a tip on what is wrong? ...edited electronics to Lectronics (Safari autocorrected it)...
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