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  1. Thank you all very much for the quick replies!
  2. Hi all, I've been working as an assistant and boom operator under many different local mixers recently and I've come across a technical setting that I dont understand. Lots of mixers set the output level on their wireless receivers to (-20) and make up the gain on their mic preamps rather than setting the input on their mixers to line and leaving the output at say 0. I've read the technical information and guides on the (specifically) lectrosonics website, and they state that the receiver output attenuator does not affect the signal to noise ratio. Do people lower the output gain in order to a
  3. I will look into that Zaxcom model, thanks! Yes, those are my main concerns. Majority of the time clients will opt out of hiring a boom operator, so I am by myself working solely with lavaliers.
  4. I'll look into the DPA 4061, thanks for the insight!
  5. Hi all, first time posting so sorry if the images don't load on the first go. I've been doing audio for performance capture recently, and I'd like to share the rig that myself and the HMC specialist came up with. I am hoping to get some criticism and feedback about our method, and discuss my thoughts/observations after using this setup for a shoot. As it stands, we have been using Joe's Sticky Stuff to adhere the lavalier to the helmet. This is not a permanent solution (obviously), but I have been brainstorming different options. Eventually I would like to purchase Hide-A-Mic conce
  6. Hi! My name is Nathan Romer, a sound assistant/boom operator (and beginner mixer) based in the Lower Mainland. I'm looking for opportunities to learn and grow as a sound professional. Working with audio is something I've been passionate about my whole life. However, it's more than just sound that I want to expand on. Critical decision making skills, client interactions, and problem solving on set are areas that I want to flourish in on top of audio. I've worked on corporate interviews, short films, webseries, features and commercials. If you're interested in growing your team, or j
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