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  1. hmm... actually 32bitf have 1528dB of DR. however, it have noisefloor below 150dB from peak. https://forum.juce.com/t/vst-2-4-double-floats/3985/7 So actual dynamic range seems to be about 150.5dB to read this https://dsp.stackexchange.com/questions/38832/more-simultaneous-dynamic-range-with-fixed-point-or-floating-point Of course there is no problem in practical use, I love SoundDevices, but it is a somewhat exaggerated catchword, I think.
  2. in Gotham Sound. Too suddenly released
  3. My friend had an interesting gadget . http://www.mini-box.com/site/index.html This is DCDC converter for ATX. I recently renewed the sound cart and wanted a 1U recording PC, so it might be just right. 250W modes has room to install 2 SSDs, 16GRAM and i5 8600T on mini ITX. ===== if power supply for mac mini 2018 has 24pin internal connector. they makes DC Powering Mac mini 2018 probably.
  4. yay! I am not Pyramix user, I always use Nuendo and FLStudio but interesting.
  5. I got this expensive one, and using 1 week. My impressions in a bulleted list. 😀good point ・ADC,DAC,Mic, Headphone amp...Quite transparent and good sound quality. ・139dB dynamic range by Dual ADC.(maybe technology like Sonosax and Zaxcom ) ・Compact as RME Babyface Pro. ・Frexible routing in AES67 ・Web-based monitor controller and configulator.(You can access with browser.) ・It can control from iOS and Android. ・Locking AC adapter and PoE Powering. I liked Anubis monitor control very much. Because I don't have to call a huge software mixer. 😫not good point ・Hot chassis (force shutdown in 66 °C/150.8°F but it have 44°C / in room temperature.) ・Firmware is under construction yet.(it did not support DSD yet) ・Slow switching sampling rate.(Annoying when cleaning up many footage with iZotope RX7) ・bugs(sometime appears) Many of the problems should disappear with a firmware update probably. Currently, Egyptian god of the underworld sits at my desk and controls the monitoring.
  6. I using Arturia AudioFuse for mobile. https://www.arturia.com/products/audio/audiofuse/overview I think the best mobile interface for under 1000 USD.
  7. Saw it for the first time. Seems tasty(๑´ڡ`๑)
  8. K-Tek KSTGJ is most recommended. if you did not have much money, ZOOM PCF-4 works fine.
  9. This device has no FCC ID or other ID. maybe it need certification.
  10. First of all, it seems need to ask whether it is lawful in your country.
  11. Thanks. I mistakenly wrote "Brown motion" as "Brown noise" 😅 A microphone with 0dBA or less self noise was released before. The self noise was 0dBA in spec sheet when it was on sale. but nobody sings in space, so it was rewritten to 4dBA. https://www.lewitt-audio.com/microphones/lct-recording/lct-540-subzero
  12. thank you. "We will not be too strict to preamp gain at field recording" It only works for that degree. And all of condenser microphones cannot escape brown noise in the air, and resistor that equipped in your machine has Johnson noise. So, our ears and equipments can not be used up even with 24 bit int. But I think it is a very good product considering the price.
  13. Probably there will be no response forever. if it works with the scheme different from NeverClip. There have been some models with dual ADCs that for increase dynamic range in the past. https://www.merging.com/products/interfaces/merging+anubis https://www.sony.jp/ic-recorder/products/PCM-D100/
  14. The file format itself is 32bit float, but I think the actual dynamic range is around 140dB.
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