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  1. INARI


    looks like kashmir. same gain same THD. However, it has 1 dBu less noise. please see user guide.
  2. interest! Dual ADC will probably work like ZAXCOM recorders. maybe it comes 135 and higher dynamic range. By the way, is this 32 bit floating point or integer? There is no doubt that either can handle huge or tiny input. And how much is it? if it is 1500USD or lower,it is fuss as apocalypse!
  3. see this page! http://src.infinitewave.ca/
  4. I would appreciate it if it becomes helpful. It is slightly larger than 7.0 in. (W) x 5.5 in. (D) x 2.1 in. (H) Battery is Anker Powercore 20100.
  5. INARI means enshrined fox. it appering in inariaudio's logo. Very intarested microphones. it may be fill the weak points of binaural recording.
  6. Hentai audio book. Such things are in fashion in my country.
  7. Just some recorded files. Somewhat closer to Schneider disc than Jecklin disc. in_the_train_neibourhood.flac furin_bell_pannning_overhead_noisy.flac Huge_bell_at_7meter_2019_new_year_celemony.flac Yes,very disappointing when listening on the speaker.
  8. I was endured like a monk. and I got it!! sound like a... human hearing, actually, human hearing.
  9. ZOOM F4 and H5. in no way to blame.
  10. I have not known this microphone manufacturer until now. It seems that S/N ratio and properties are very excellent and modern in function. Is there anyone using it? Surround Mic, like Sanken http://nevaton.eu/product/nevaton-bpt-the-ultimate-one-mic-recording-solution/ Stereo & Special function http://nevaton.eu/product/nevaton-mc47/ Lowest Noise Quad http://nevaton.eu/product/nevaton-mc-50/
  11. This could be a huge fishing hook for us. Looks interesting.... strange, but interesting. The gyroscope seems to be used for when set H3VR. and it may be used for investigation of defective houses.
  12. Thanks a lot! I will dig a bit deeper it. Thanks a lot! Anyway, I will observe what Nanokontrol sending when I recieve analyzer.
  13. Thanks. I don't have a USB analyzer, but I found a cheap one so I will try it.
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