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  1. K-Tek KSTGJ is most recommended. if you did not have much money, ZOOM PCF-4 works fine.
  2. This device has no FCC ID or other ID. maybe it need certification.
  3. First of all, it seems need to ask whether it is lawful in your country.
  4. Thanks. I mistakenly wrote "Brown motion" as "Brown noise" 😅 A microphone with 0dBA or less self noise was released before. The self noise was 0dBA in spec sheet when it was on sale. but nobody sings in space, so it was rewritten to 4dBA. https://www.lewitt-audio.com/microphones/lct-recording/lct-540-subzero
  5. thank you. "We will not be too strict to preamp gain at field recording" It only works for that degree. And all of condenser microphones cannot escape brown noise in the air, and resistor that equipped in your machine has Johnson noise. So, our ears and equipments can not be used up even with 24 bit int. But I think it is a very good product considering the price.
  6. Probably there will be no response forever. if it works with the scheme different from NeverClip. There have been some models with dual ADCs that for increase dynamic range in the past. https://www.merging.com/products/interfaces/merging+anubis https://www.sony.jp/ic-recorder/products/PCM-D100/
  7. The file format itself is 32bit float, but I think the actual dynamic range is around 140dB.
  8. INARI


    looks like kashmir. same gain same THD. However, it has 1 dBu less noise. please see user guide.
  9. interest! Dual ADC will probably work like ZAXCOM recorders. maybe it comes 135 and higher dynamic range. By the way, is this 32 bit floating point or integer? There is no doubt that either can handle huge or tiny input. And how much is it? if it is 1500USD or lower,it is fuss as apocalypse!
  10. see this page! http://src.infinitewave.ca/
  11. I would appreciate it if it becomes helpful. It is slightly larger than 7.0 in. (W) x 5.5 in. (D) x 2.1 in. (H) Battery is Anker Powercore 20100.
  12. INARI means enshrined fox. it appering in inariaudio's logo. Very intarested microphones. it may be fill the weak points of binaural recording.
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