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    I'm a location sound mixer/recordist, with comprehensive kit and over 20 years experience, I'm fully hostile environments trained, and have travelled extensively.
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  1. Olle, that's because NiMh peak at 1.2V and hold more or less that voltage till they drop suddenly, unlike alkaline which start at 1.5Vish and drop steadily from there.
  2. Possibly time to listen to your own advice Vas. Ronen, you're misguided if you think even the entire membership of JW could influence Sony one way or the other, let alone the few who bought those units.
  3. Good luck! Sony don't tend to respond to peer pressure.
  4. Eat the rest of the bagel? No one ever got full on some of a bagel.
  5. With three blocks to choose from you should be fine everywhere. If you're on Facebook, search for the Global Radio Mic Frequencies group, plenty of info there
  6. It's an issue with the Rode, I'm 99% sure, this has happened before, a search on here might throw something up, but try another mic before you go any further, the phase reverse barrel will fix it.
  7. Enjoy your well earned time off Larry, and well done to Gordon and Karl on your promotions!
  8. Todd beat me to it. You're fine in devices with a plastic battery tube, but put them in your pocket and short them accidentally, or put them in something with a metal battery tube, like a Lectro TX or an SD mixer, and you'll be having fun sooner than you thought.
  9. What headphone amp did you use? I've been wondering about using one to improve my 664's headphone out.
  10. Well, it's not good news for Zaxcom, there's no arguing that, I'm sure this action will have cost them a fair amount of money, and it hasn't worked out.
  11. It is win win Olle, isn't that what i said? Tascam win, and we win, what could be better. Oh, and the lawyers win, they always win.
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