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  1. I've been using Lectrosonics gear on Lectro's Block 26 (665.600 - 691.100) in San Diego CA for all my wireless, but I'm forced to vacate that part of the spectrum by July 2020, although I'll stay with Lectro's moving forward. I'm told that the blocks recommended for my area, San Diego and LA, are 470, 21, 23, and maybe 22. Blocks 19 and 20 are already crowded, apparently, and Block 22 is getting there. Also, Block 941 is available, but not for re-blocking the gear that I own, including UCR411a receivers. I'd move to Blocks 21 and 23, except that I'd worry that they'd be next to be taken by the telco's. That said, Block 470 seems like the safest bet, but I'm told that it's a good idea to spread gear out over different blocks, for example: wireless lavs on one block, and IFB on another. I have a number of options in this situation, but no clear choices. Any serious input would be appreciated. Thanks.
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