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  1. Same nonsense here, Monica talks a great one to you about how busy they are yada yada. Sent a few sanken heads in for repair along with some XLR cables and a NP-1 cup. Never heard of a place not being able to repair a simple NP-1 cup, guess they rather you buy a new one. I wait 2 months for a "Estimate" then after calling every other day she finally says the repair is complete?? how can it be complete if i did not approve anything??!! Ok fine i pay and receive the stuff, one out of the 2 heads is still broken, not as bad but still a intermittent hiss... So i call Monica and tell here whats going on, now i have to wait for a Darlene the acc to approve the repair again, this is week 2 and still no call from her.....How can a reputable company be doing business like this?
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