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  1. Hey Folks, sorry for being unresponsive to this, for the material I believe I used PLA, but I'd suggest looking for something more flexible in the long run, my blimp proved to be a tad too fragile and cracked at one point on one of the closing caps. I do not have the STL files with me, they are on a hard drive far from home as this was supposed to be a one time experiment. The friend that helped me with them probably still has them, I'll ask Some takeaways topics/mistakes from this after 3 years since the experiment: 1) I had to print the blimp cylinder in 3 different pieces that got glued together, this is because most printers would not be able to print something that tall. 2) Glueing the fabric to the plastic frame is a nightmare, especially considered I was using a hot glue gun. 3) Did not try to print the pistolgrip so ended up relying on a third party one and created the model around it. This is the main reason I abandoned the experiment after as I didn't have any other pistolgrips to try new models with. 4) It's a fun experiment that has the potential of reducing costs for work, I ended up spending more than 10 hours on this project from ideation to assembling and I still can't quite decide whether it was worth it. It was fun and instructive but maybe ahead of the time as the print costed somewhere around 80 to 120 pounds from what I remember. That said anything that breaks can be printed in the form of replacement which is great. I hope this helps a bit Mattia.
  2. MattiaCellotto

    Zoom F8n.

    Can anyone confirm the preamps are exactly like the Zoom F8's?
  3. MattiaCellotto

    Zaxcom Fusion and 192KHz Recording

    thanks dmitri, your comment on the knobs was very helpful, here you should be able to find the issue I am referring to on the facebook sound devices group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sounddevices/permalink/10156082729944906/
  4. Hey folks, a question on the Zaxcom Fusions's physical knobs. I only do SFX recording and in most cases I never have a use for faders, I only use input trim. When using a SD 702 or a Fostex FR2 I can set the input trim with the physical knobs on the recorder, if I clip I see it and I know the level my meters show is exactly what I am recording. I was just testing a Fusion and noticed the physical knobs acted as post-trim faders, which meant that even when recording ISO I could potentially clip post-trim to then apply a negative value to something that has clipped with the knobs. All I'd like to do is bypass the faders which I can do by setting the output to disk to be pre-fader, but at this point how could I set the physical knobs on the front of the machine to control the input trim? Would such a thing be possible at all? Sorry if this is a noobish question, only got to test the device once
  5. MattiaCellotto

    LOM instruments and microphones

    Had the chance to use LOM mics a year ago and the quality was amazing, plus the products all do something quite unique!
  6. MattiaCellotto

    Zaxcom Fusion Preamps and Known Issues.

    Nope, SFX libraries exclusively would be the idea :), hence the necessity to record at 192KHz, as I have plenty of ultrasonic mics. Thanks for the feedback on the pres!
  7. MattiaCellotto

    Zaxcom Fusion Preamps and Known Issues.

    Without the additional inputs, at which point I'd be upgrading from the Maxx to another recorder with 4 inputs, I'd rather not use both at the same time, sorry I tried to keep the details for myself on this thread to focus on the Fusion, appreciate the advice it's just that I looked and tested almost every existing option and at the moment I can safely say the Sonosax is not one for me, it's beautiful and I bet the preamps are ace, but it's way too expensive if one wants the extra inputs I'm afraid XD
  8. MattiaCellotto

    Zaxcom Fusion Preamps and Known Issues.

    Yeah, I looked into it but currently I can afford to get a used Fusion around 3K (GBP), the Sonosax SXR4+ is about 9K, wayyyyy out of my league!
  9. MattiaCellotto

    Zaxcom Fusion Preamps and Known Issues.

    Thanks Ramallo, yeah I would definitely jump on a Nomad if it wasn't that I want to be able to record at 192KHz to make use of my Sanken CO-100K and a couple of other ultrasonic mics
  10. MattiaCellotto

    Zaxcom Fusion Preamps and Known Issues.

    Thanks Bash, the information on the screen is exactly the kind of thing I want to be aware of, probably buy a protective thing that allows touch to work anyway. 10+ years, wow!
  11. MattiaCellotto

    Zaxcom Fusion Preamps and Known Issues.

    Hey folks, Continuing my research for an upgrade the Fusion seems like a good option, I am just wondering if anyone could tell me what they thought of its preamps, speaking with Zaxcom they mentioned they should be less good than a Maxx's, then again my Maxx's preamps are the best ones I ever tried. Anyone has some hands on experience for comparing? Lastly, for anyone that used it, is there any known problem with it? It can either be a "over time it tends to -insert issue here-" or some limitation one wouldn't expect. I'll test before buying anyway but I really, REALLY, want to be sure this is what I am looking for.
  12. MattiaCellotto

    Zaxcom Fusion and 192KHz Recording

    I understand the skepticism, no I am not recording bats, I just record tons of things super-close and pretty much anything if you get close enough has ultrasonic content. I have a set of 2x mk8040, 1 x mkh8050 and 1 x Sanken CO-100K so I want to future proof my recorder in case I expand further (all these mics can get energy up to 60/70KHz and the Sanken over 100KHz). If you that's kind of silly, here is an article I wrote on an electricity library recorded with this rig, the last two sounds in the page are 1/4 speed and still sound decently crisp: https://www.asoundeffect.com/polarity-sound-effects-library/ Thanks for the suggestions, all valid!
  13. MattiaCellotto

    Zaxcom Fusion and 192KHz Recording

    Yes that's exactly it a bit over budget, a bit rare to find used, and because it's only 2 more channels I am not sure it's worth the money tbh.
  14. MattiaCellotto

    Zaxcom Fusion and 192KHz Recording

    Hey folks, I am currently looking into a 6 or 8 channels recorder that does 192KHz. I currently own a Maxx and have found it sublime, I have tried upgrading to a Mixpre 10T but preamps have big issues on the ultrasonic spectrum, I tried the 788T but it can only record 4 channels at 192KHz so I am now looking into a used Fusion as I'd rather not settle for the F8's preamps which I know to be noisy ultrasonically speaking (a friend provided some nice comparisons). I am wondering if anyone has any experience recording at 192KHz on a Fusion and generally speaking, what your impression was of the preamps compared to a Maxx or a 788T or a 702. Any suggestions for other solutions are appreciated, my budget is about 4K and I'd like to end up with a single recorder (not two recorders, not 1 record and separate pres). Thanks!