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  1. I have the same problem - what is the solution.txt
  2. why can I not enter text but only attachments.txt
  3. not that it means anything but just for the sake of it there is always worse. I'm about to start a tv job that is: - 1man sound - requires production sound sent to the 5d - has no sound post. I guess neither producers, broadcaster or viewers care for the poor sound that's all over the national tv which breeds all of the above.
  4. there is also people using pyramix, albeit not very many. but it is very powerful once you get the grip. cheap it is not
  5. no not joking, just curious. I was told that the camera is really quiet before filming, but it was not. The sound cover made no difference at all. Sure, this job is a lot about fighting set noises and in the past even dv cameras have been too noisy for me, so just wondering what people used to do with film ones.
  6. I admit I am not getting this one
  7. Just an update on this. Turns out its not so much of a tragedy after all. Now indeed the material is on 24, and the sound stamped at 24 syncs fine apparently. The files that were recorded at 25 were drifting but restamping with waveagent did the trick. haven't heard back for any problems so far and hopefully no drifting due to the camera, but I still don't know the exact model it was. there will definitely be an issue with the camera noise messing up the dialogue (for CUs at least), for which we did wildtracks and recoded the rehearsals, but I imagine it will still be a pain. ADR is not an
  8. well so far, I have been told that, the problem was in the lab that transferred the telecine beta to digital files. Now apparently the project is back on 24fps in avid (not 23.98) and will be edited as such. Apparently the tried to sync a few of the files with the 24 stamp and they all synced ok. So no drifting issue yet, but the real editing has not begun yet. They also tried takes from the day where my recorder was set to 25, and there they could not sync. I know restamped one file to 24 and have sent it and am waiting for their response. I tried to get an exact explanation of all steps. (i
  9. they came through eventually, but with a 2 day delay and the dl link did not work anyway. Thanks to the guy who sent me an installer.
  10. hello, i have been trying to download this software for 3 days through the sound devices website. I have tried many times and with different emails, but there is no download link coming through. I was thinking maybe I could ask someone to send the installer to me as this is quite urgent. thanks
  11. I can explain my self further if that would make people feel better. I live in a place with limited cinema production. There is not even a film transfer lab around, hence the lack of workflow test. (plus many other usual factors) My main line of business is in the studio recording music. I also do some location work for picture and it has always been with digital cameras, prosumer video or dslr. I never had a sync problem before. I have done a lot of research and have reached a level of getting good sound and solving most problems. I never had the luxury of a mentor though. I don't know
  12. thank you all for the enlightenment. it looks pretty bad. I am only trying to help out these people who have not done film before. Neither have I and I wish I knew more about it. I could have say its not my problem and and not make myself look silly, but I d rather help in getting the film done. Problem is the editing is happening miles away. One more thing. What happens when the edit goes back on film to 24fps? What about if they decide to do a seperate sound edit before? There I assume it stays at 25? thanks again.
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