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    Student at AFTRS, starting out in both production and post sound with a basic kit.
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  1. I think this is what I messed up! My wiring was: female TRS 1 = tip is left, sleeve is "ground"female TRS 2 = ring is right, sleeve is "ground" You're saying I should have wired both female TRS for tip? Thanks for The sources I was testing it with were my Ambient Nanolockit and just a signal from the headphone jack of my phone, so both TRS jacks. What happens when you wire just one of the tip or ring from a stereo/balanced TRS signal?
  2. Hiya gang. So I wanted to build a stereo breakout cable for my Sony A7iii, so that I could have 2 mono inputs on the stereo jack. I saw this cable: https://foundsound.com.au/products/10940 And tried to build it. my wiring was: Tip female jack: Tip contact to tip contact on male minijack; ground to ground on male minijack. Ring contact empty. Ring female jack: Ring contact to ring contact on male minijack; ground to ground on male minijack. Tip contact empty. To combine the grounds of the two female jacks i just twisted the two shields together and soldered it onto the male minijack. The ring input sounded fine, but the tip input was far quieter, with a lot of noise. What did I do wrong? Did i wire it wrong? Any advice here? Cheers, Alfie
  3. Most definitely! I never actually show that website to people; it was made for a school assignment in my last year and since I've graduated I haven't had time to update it or pay for it.
  4. Where is this output routes from on the 633? Is there a setting that lets you mute this when not rolling automatically or do you manually turn it down between takes?
  5. Haven't updated mine in a while but I'd love some feedback! https://alfiefaber0.wixsite.com/alfiefabersound
  6. I podcast, and much of the time use my location equipment for recording interviews and voiceovers and what I've found is that people are extremely forgiving of audio quality in podcasts; it ends up being compressed to heck anyway so whatever. I've used both my 416 and Audix SCX-10 for recording intros, and they've worked great; just had to be aware of proximity effect for the 416.
  7. So which microphones are actually wired to be used with sennheisers?
  8. Ah, that's good to know but wish I'd known that before I bought the Sony system, heck! Thanks mate.
  9. Hi guys! First time posting, hope to learn a lot on this forum :) I have a Sony UWP-d11 system and a Sennheiser G3, both still with their kit microphones as I haven't been able to afford to replace them with anything better. I recently tried using the kit mic that comes with the Sony system with the G3 transmitter, and it made a very bizarre noise, like an old modem. It took me a while to figure out that I was using the wrong mic, however this seems really bizarre to me; I assumed they're both fairly stock standard condenser lavalier microphones without much difference? This isn't even really a problem, because the G3 worked fine again when used with the me-2 capsule; I'm just curious as to what was causing this noise? Thanks a lot!
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