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  1. Angelo C

    Question about passive splitter for bag use

    Larry - Is a T2 built with better subsystems then say an SMa thats emulating? Would replacing the SMa in that system with the 411 in IFB mode make for a better quality with those high frequency issues?
  2. Angelo C

    Question about passive splitter for bag use

    Larry my friend, you are THE BEST. Thank you for constantly explaining the science to us all! Your lessons are priceless. Thank you for your time.
  3. Angelo C

    Question about passive splitter for bag use

    That wasn't my question. My question was when you have a combination of different types of receivers pulling from the same passive dristro / antennas. Ive done it with powered sharkies, but never a passive system. In a passive system, are the SRs fighting harder for signal over the 411s, etc. I understand the concept of using improved antennas and getting them up and out of the bag but have heard multiple people complain about issues when having both SRs and 411s in the bag with a passive system, just wondering if what Larry posted about difference in hardware layout internally has something to do with that. Also yes, im aware it is possible to accomplish that signal flow in IFB mode, I was asking for the reasoning / explanation / science behind it. Will the higher frequency say, when cast screams or yells, be affected in IFB mode on a 411 as opposed to in 400 mode and why. But thank you for your response, Derek.
  4. Angelo C

    Question about passive splitter for bag use

    Larry - First of all thank you. This is my firs time posting, but I have been a follower of JW for years and your responses are 90% of the reason why. That being said, taking all of this info in your post... Is combing ENG bag Rx antennas for better / stronger range with an SMa Multi / Lectro Dipole when using a variety of 411s and SRs a difficult thing to do successfully because of the difference in hardware? Also, not to hijack the thread but while I have the Lectro Lord himself - Is it possible to simplify a Hop Tx set up and just use one SM in IFB mode to send to R1a's for IFBs and 411a's in IFB mode for cameras (reality projects, scratch/reference tracks mainly). Basically is there a major difference in quality between 400 and IFB mode, or any other reason why that set up audibly wouldn't be ideal? I have a feeling the answer is yes there is a difference in quality due to companding when higher frequencies are involved? Thanks for your time.