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    I am a former cameraman producer and writer, mostly in industrial and cable. I now write about coffee and do my own clips to promote my writings and traveling coffee event.
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  1. I used to travel with lots of camera gear as well. My audio gear is, by comparison, modest. I have found TSA likes to play with it, but other than a broken AKG mic shock mount, no damage has occurred. My biggest problems have been smaller airports. Large cities seem more used to it, or maybe they're too busy to hassle me.
  2. I'm hardly qualified to be among this august group, but as a mere amateur, I discovered a good solution for myself. After hearing (however not trying) that the Sennheiser MkH 418 had noisy side mics, I found an inexpensive used Sony ECM-680s. It has a fixed Mid-side, which of course can be decoded and re-encoded in post. Meanwhile, it sounds wonderful to my ears. Quiet sides and a center mic that rivals my Sennheiser MkH 415. I use it to collect audio b-roll for my podcast, but I was surprised how good it sounds and I find myself grabbing in for a lot of things, more than I expected.
  3. I know this thread is ancient, but I happened to pick one of these up a few months ago. I'd seen this thread and didn't expect much. I was impressed with it. It sounds very good, like I'd hoped the Sennheiser MKH418 would sound. But, the MKH418 is noisy. The Sony is quiet. The Sony's midside is premixed, which is fine for most of my use. If you don't agree, you can always decode and re-encode it. I'm beginning to think Sony is under the radar in the film community. This mike is a sleeper. I also find the ECM680s does outstanding indoor interviews, where the walls and inside acoustics are well
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