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  1. A friend of mine has a zaxcom RF blocker that goes on the IFB transmitter and prevents the signal from bleeding over to the bag receiver. Its very noticeable when its turn on and the blocker is not on. Does anyone know where to get one of these or any other work arounds? Im using a UM200 transmitter 100mw.
  2. I am newer..... and have a SD633 and ursa Pro. I have heard of AES but can someone tell me the benefit of using AES?
  3. I am using MCR42 receivers. Getting into the menus has lots of options.... any help would be greatly appreciated !!
  4. I have a SD633 and a couple wisycom receivers. When I use channels 1.2 or 3 there are no issues but... when I start using channels 4,5,6 I am having troubling raising the trim up high enough. When I try and turn up the trim on those channels it only goes up to 16db and does not get high enough as compared to the first 3 channels. I am fairly new but is there a setting in my receiver that will help increase the trim ?
  5. I think I can answer my own question..... The C100 does not accept external time code. http://soundrolling.com/timecode/list-timecode-popular-cameras/
  6. I am working with a new camera next week... Does anyone have any experience doing a timecode synch with a C100?? What cable is needed? I will be using a SD633 a TIG Q28 to synch Thank you !
  7. excellent links... I have been watching all of those videos and learning more each day. Thank you
  8. Excellent. Thank you for your replies. I do more run and gun stuff but when I do more static shoots having a direct feed to the camera seems to be a better option since it “should” be better than a wireless signal ??!! I have the 633, regarding what is routed to the output.... if I want the mix going out what should I have it set to I’m fairly new to the 633. Thabk you
  9. Question.... when I do a direct feed via a snake from the mixer to the camera, what is actually recorded to the camera ? Is it the mix or are any iso tracks recorded ??
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