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  1. Some Sennheiser wireless systems use an ultrasonic PILOT tone. There may be an interaction with that. You might try turning off the pilot tone feature in both the Rx and Tx. Mark
  2. Hi, what kind of mic are you using? And is it wired or wireless? Mark
  3. If this is an analog FM system, probably an artifact of the companding and pre-emphasis in the Tx. Does the key jingle test produce the same artifact? You could suggest he turn down the level at the Tx and up at the Rx. Mark
  4. A newbie question, is time code as an audio signal agnostic to polarity, i.e. 180 deg phase shift? Mark
  5. I don't know if this applies also to the BLX series or not. https://www.shure.com/americas/support/find-an-answer/pgx-and-slx-wireless-audio-level-varies-more-than-expected I give credit to Shure for explaining this openly in their forum. This compression / expansion mismatch can be an issue with this technology. Also it may or may not be important in your in your applications. Actually the dropoff is sometimes helpful to reduce feedback in live sound applications. Mark
  6. perhaps the issue is due to acoustic ultrasonics rather than RF? Mark
  7. itry3d, can you contact me directly? I left a message on google docs
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