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  1. Thanks a ton both of you! Helped my understand the solution better but for smaller projects i wish there was something easier.
  2. Hi guys Thanks for all the gold found on this site over the years! Ive tried searching but without finding any results. Im looking for an answer for this simple question. As im getting .AAF from picture editor how can i also get some kind of notice of video changes within the reference file? Is it possible to export from premiere markers that indicate every video change or ive heard about having an silence audio track exported within the .AAF that contains every video change but as new audio clip on the audio track. I might just be missing something but usually i just
  3. Hey Guys Nothing new on this? I don't understand why Dugan isnt provided as a plugin :O
  4. Hey guys I'm looking for somebody who might have some experience or can help me with some rather easy questions. I'm going to get me a pair of microports and the decision is differently between Wisycom's or AL. What is currently stopping me from getting the A10 is range. Is there are way i can connect better antennens at the receiver but still for functioning well in a sound bag. OR is the range problem in A10 just something on the internet and how are they in real life situation? Fields/apartments/multi-router-wifi-places? or am i just being blown away by
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